The Mighty Pep wins Calypso Monarch crown

The Mighty Pep wins Calypso Monarch crown

The Mighty Pep has been crowned the Calypso Monarch of St. Lucia.

His songs, ‘Why I Die’ and, ‘Fraid the Doctor’, were the judges top picks after two rounds of competition.

Solange placed second, Morgie third, and Nintus and Herb Black shared fourth spot.

Pep was winning the Monarch title for the 8th time.


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  1. herb black face is like wah the system really doing tings to rasta e. you mean i get fourth place and to make it worst i have to share it with a bald head again garcon


  2. Cudus to the judges, goid job. Well deserved places. But I would have placed the full figured lady (I forgot her name) before herb black because he forgot his ladt usual....smh.


  3. Solange I expected that you had taken it with your solid delivery and performance but second place, don't give up: Cheers my girl


  4. Solange represented quite well. She was my queen for the night but the top four were spot on.


  5. Solange songs were better but the crowd reaction to Pep's new song gave him the edge. Also his voice was better than the rest. The young lady from Mon Repos had 2 wonderful songs but then again the voice and prop were a bit less than the more experienced. Pep is intelligent and his prop for the 1st song was very good. Overall his performance was better but Solange and this Mon repos girl to me had 2 better songs. Btw I must say ALL the songs were very good. Only journalists had a not too good 1 st song. Best calypso show and songs ever. Don't regret my money and time at all.


  6. Congratulations to pep....he truly deservedbthe crown..... We can only give the youth a chance if they have a winning song..... People should win on merit and nothing else


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