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Allen Chastanet’s recent address to the nation smacks of dishonesty and disrespect for the citizens of Saint Lucia. What is it that Chastanet said in his television address to the nation that he could not have said soon after the Prime Minister delivered his budget on Tuesday 26th April?

Politicians make statements that the average listener is not always able to verify for themselves, especially when the statements are statistical references. In such circumstances, the test for acceptance of political pronouncements should depend on the credibility of the politician.

If the average citizen were to be asked which politician is most likely to deceive the public, few people will disagree that Allen Chastanet would top the list and with justification. The number of misstatements, to be kind, he made during his prime ministership is legendary but embarrassing. More citizens would more readily believe Philip J Pierre than they would Allen Chastanet. So wide is that gap in credibility that Philip J Pierre deserves an apology for having to be compared with the embodiment of deceit.

In his just over half-hour television address, he was back to his inveterate deceptive old self. In making reference to the rising cost of living, he claimed electricity bills had gone up from $100 to $200 for a worker on a monthly salary of $1200. Have electricity bills really increased by 100%? Of course not; but in his usual reckless and disrespectful style, he stated something every household could have easily verified. And this is one of several examples of untruths. The danger of these mistruths is the apparent conviction with which he delivers them, which brings him into the realm of evil.

He claimed that his administration had planned a recovery of 67% in the tourism industry, which is currently being realized. Wow! Talk about a man being desperate and willing to make any claim.

Chastanet’s televised diatribe leveled against the current administration says so much about his inability to handle political defeat and how dangerous he is likely to be with political power. The frequent reference to lies being told by the current administration is a bit rich coming from someone who is best known for telling lies. A reference to his public lies would require a separate article; readers are instead referred to Ernest Hilaire’s compilation of the former Prime Minister’s infamous lies, which he delivered during the debate on the no-confidence motion in the then prime minister Allen Chastanet.

The United Workers Party needs to save itself and the people of Saint Lucia from further embarrassment by ditching its shameless and deceitful leader, who cares about no one but himself. Our local politics has been sullied by the entrance of Chastanet.

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  • Not from SLU

    May 11, 2022 at 12:42 pm

    It seems to be the norm nowadays with current and previous heads of countries world wide


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