“The Labour Party is not our enemy” – Chastanet

Hermisha Rolle, SNO Reporter


“The Labour Party is not our enemy; Kenny Anthony is not our enemy. His ministers and supporters are not our enemies.”

Those were the words of United Workers Party (UWP) Leader Allen Chastanet in an address to the nation on August 7, 2013, as he called for unity to fight the “real” threats to St. Lucia – poverty, unemployment, ignorance and apathy.

Chastanet additionally spoke against UWP supporters “demonizing and maligning” members of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), something which he said the party does not support and “does not put money in our pockets or food on our tables”.

He instead urged them to use their energies to question, challenge and oppose any proposed measures which stand in the way of St. Lucia’s economic and social progress, when necessary.

“And right now, there is much to question, much to challenge and much to oppose,” he added.

“…At this time when St Lucia yearns to be rescued from the grip of a Labour Party administration, which has managed to turn the country upside down, in less than two years, the patriots of our land can today find comfort in the commitment of the UWP to complete the rescue mission,” Chastanet said.

“We have done it before – each time we have been handed the task of cleaning up in the wake of a Labour Party administration, we have risen to the challenge and have left the country in a better position than we found it. And for God and country, I declare that we stand ready to do it again,” he added.

Pledging his commitment to a new order of leadership, Chastanet said this was “by no means just a call to help win votes in a political campaign for the seat of government”.

“Much more than that, we are joining our UWP brothers and sisters, and all the other patriots of this fair land, in a crusade to restore the brightness of the St Lucian spirit, which has undoubtedly dimmed under the dictatorial tyranny of the Labour Party,” he said.

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  1. Before he comes to tell us about leadership, His should be in question, Minister of tourism, His failed bid in Soufriere, How much Taiwanese funds he received, His actions before the court. Before he comes he has questions to answer

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  3. Lord how I wish this country didn't have so many dumb and stupid people. All of them criticising and hiding behind false names. This country will always suffer!

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  5. Flambeau tunup! As much as this latest address may be considered highly political, I do believe that the things which Mr. Chastanet has said do make sense. This is not a time for division in our country. We need a collective approach in dealing with the "true" enemy which is the economic challenges facing our Fair Helen. Look beyond the red and yellow "atleast for now". Good work Flambeau, keep this Government on their toes!

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  7. st lucia politics suckss!!! choops Not interested!!

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  9. Zandolee,
    You did not understand what Chastanet said.Please make use of your comprehension and analysis skills .(you have not demonstrated any level of competence so far)
    Let me try to assist.ONE QUESTION.IF your child is performing badly at school because of bad teaching,does that make the teacher your enemy?

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  11. For the love of our Saint Lucy!

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  13. How can you not be partisan you fool, you are the leader of a political party and u wish to contest a seat. So what does that say about u. Jack ass. Resign from the Flambeau and run as an independent and them come tell me to stop being partisan. But them wait u will still be partisan because people will have to choose between u and someone else. In politics u cannot not be partisan unless u abstain yourself from the process.

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  15. Is Ti Chash stupid or as mad as all of these other people who are saying our people must stop being partisan. How can one not be partisan when the political system gives you no other choice, otherwise lets live without government. This is still not possible because some form of government would still emerge.
    In more sophisticated countries than ours people are even more deeply polarized. Take a look of what happening in the America with Obama and the republicans, all be it on a more sophisticated level and sometimes even worst than ours. It happens in the UK and China, yes China the One party state.
    So Chastenet stop insulting my intelligence.

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  19. If Allen was half as smart as his dad I would have given him a chance.

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  21. does this guy really think us lucians so dumb that this low form of psychology will work just wow .. and after reading a few commments i guess he planned right. sad just sad that people cant see thru this

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  23. Now St Lucia is a Casino where people must be given chances

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  25. And I dont see Chastenet proposing anything in the best interest of St. lucians. We are no longer illiterate people. Please propose how u will be fixing the issues. Because the last set of things he proposed it looked like we were for sale to the highest bidder in the United States. What about us? What about Caribbean integration? The Americans are hungry for surplus markets and investment opportunities for their capitalists. If you think they are out to help u, u will see how much poor people can suffer in a country, while one small set of people get richer with their american friends.

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  27. Is this a joke? So this guy thinks that St Lucians just listen to whatever people say. Like we dont have eyes to see what is what. UWP never clean up no mess. They make mess. And I am not saying that SLP clean up mess either. The big mess is still there. In both parties there are too many corrupt selfish people and very few who care about the people. And worse of all St. Lucians care more about bowing down to red or yellow than the state of their country. Red or yellow..if u are making decisions that make our country worse, u should be in big trouble.

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  29. y dont u all jus shut up and give the man a chance, lets see wat he's made up of....typical lucians choops

    • 100% St.Lucian Woman

      Now ppl let us get this right and straight, ok, this is no raffle or the St. Lucia National Lottery. This is the land of our birth. We should let Allen go take a chance to be become one of the managers of CFL or Super J.

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  31. Allen Chastanet To The World....

    I am so Happy for a man of so much accomplishments to come and serve his people. Check the facts and you will see how much Allen has accomplished as business leader. He has High Level contacts that we as a nation can benefit from. Please St.Lucia, our other Caribbean Islands know the value of Allen so give let’s give him a chance.

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  33. all you"ll bloody politicians are the enemy.....................as far as i am concerned

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  35. This f..g website is a mouthpiece for ALLEN Chastanet

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  37. Wise words Mr.Chastanet! .. St.lucians need to stop being ignorant and stop supporting parties based on colour!!!!

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  39. Chastenet words "Labor Party is not our enemy" on the other hand he uses words like dictatorial tyranny of the Labor Party. That man is a snake in the grass, Lucians please listen carefully, don't let accent and proper grammar fool you. He is simply dumb!!!

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  41. Pledging his commitment to a new order of leadership Chastanet said this was “by no means just a call to help win votes in a political campaign for the seat of government.”
    “Much more than that, we are joining our UWP brothers and sisters, and all the other patriots of this fair land,in a crusade to restore the brightness of the St Lucian spirit this to me sound like a leader someone who want to work for the people ,with the people of our island please give him a chance
    and if he is doing just like the others kick him out.

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  43. Joke of the day

    • I don't understand Chastanet, who he thinks could be fooled. You are just contradicting your words. In the same breath you are trying to say not enemies with Labour supporters or Kenny yet still you kept talking about what mess the Labour Party has the country in. Mate go and make a round you teddy bear.


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