The King takes a Queen: Former Calypso monarch ‘Ashanti’ marries

The King takes a Queen: Former Calypso monarch ‘Ashanti’ marries


The people’s calypso king Herman ‘Ashanti’ Hippolyte over the weekend married the love of his life.

The ceremony was held on Saturday at the Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Castries.

In an exclusive interview with St. Lucia News Online (SNO) just before he tied the knot, Hippolyte said, “I am very very, very happy today. This is the best day of my life. My wife is a God sent, she took me off the streets from where I was and took good care of me.”

The former calypso Monarch went on to praise his wife to be, “I have a genuine wife. We have had our little ups and downs. We went to counseling and now we understand each other. I don’t watch a woman on physical appearance but from the heart inside. And I know I have a good wife.”

Officiating the ceremony Monsignor Patrick Anthony (PABA) said, “I was happy when I heard that Ashanti by God’s grace has given himself in the service of the church.  Not only that we were singing for the people, now he is singing for God.”

“What we are witnessing here is the goodness of the human heart,and Ashanti knows and when he gets something good he will not let go. Let us continue to support them,” Monsignor Anthony added.

The ever charismatic people’s king, now a member of the Cathedrals choir serenaded his queen, Merline, after they exchanged wedding vows at the Cathedral Saturday.

When Ashanti sang, “Looks like We Made It” in his inimitable vocal style, there were broad smiles on faces of the congregation which gave the newly married couple a spirited round of applause.

The bride in her immaculately white dress, smiled broadly as Ashanti’s humility shone through his bright smile, as he raised his hands as in a gesture of victory.






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  1. This is the best positive news I have heard so far,very inspiring.May god be praise and there are still wonderful ppl in our country with wonderful genuine love to change the life of somebody so don't give up.


  2. young girls that out there take note and take good note is not when yall reveal your body for the world to notice you and give you attention or draw your eyebrows yall will get a man to marry yall. yall must have a GOOD HEART and also know how to cook.LMAO


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