The King of Water reigns

The King of Water reigns

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PRESS RELEASE – October 1st marks the official start of Creole heritage month and for the La Magwit society, the month holds great cultural significance.

With the annual feast day set as October 17th, La Magwit faithful engage in several celebratory activities prior to the gwan fèt.

These observances usually take the form of séances at which members of the flower community role play the hierarchical structure of the European-based society.

The séance is a tradition that the groups use to raise funds for the main event of the tradition: the gwan fèt.The central figure in the séance is the “chantwèl” or lead singer who sustains the spirit and tenor of the evening’s entertainment.

Participants sing and dance tosongs which usually jeer at the rival Lawòz society. Of note at these séances is the need to maintain order within the society.  Respect for notable positions is maintained by members of ‘law enforcement’ and ‘the judiciary’.

The gwan fèt traditionally commences with a church service where La Magwit groups from various communities congregate to ‘bless’ their activities for the day.  This year, groups from Aux Lyons, Laborie,Vieux Fort, Dennery Village and Dernière Rivière, Dennery accompanied by a student group from the Richfond Combined School will attend the church service at the Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Castries.  The service is scheduled for Saturday October 17th from 9:00 a.m. and will be followed by a parade down Micoud Street.

The procession will turn right unto Bridge Street and continue right onto the William Peter Boulevard to Constitution Park.  Once there, the groups will make presentations which promise to entertain, inform and enlighten the public audience.  School students from the north of the island will also be in attendance to mark the observance of this traditional feast day.

The Cultural Development Foundation remains grateful to all the partners who remain steadfast in their support for our cultural traditions.  We are particularly thankful to corporate sponsors who have recently come on board.  Noteworthy are Paints Plus Ltd, Floissac Fleming & Associates and DuBoulay’s Bottling Co. Ltd.


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