The idea behind Vestige 758

The idea behind Vestige 758

Out of the desire to showcase St. Lucia, two citizens who are now living abroad, created a company to provide quality designs for St. Lucians and fans of St. Lucia, dubbed Vestige 758.

According to the creators Tyrone Henry and C.Z. Sean Anthony, Vestige literally means the smallest part of something.

“758 (SLU) is in us no matter where we go; we, in general, are proud Lucians. We remember the beauty of St. Lucia, the beauty of her people, the beauty of her oceans, the beauty of our culture; we remember St. Lucia. The thought behind each design simply links back to our core values and beliefs. Each design will bring back or enlighten something about St. Lucia we love and hold dear.”

Meet the creators

Tyrone Henry, the creative director of Vestige 758, is the designer extraordinaire with a vision to put 758 into graphic art. Henry, who is better known as Jiggy Maxx, has been honing his craft for decades to get to this point.

His designs breathe life into what is now Vestige 758. Henry’s entry into graphic designs started out as a small idea in White Rock, Grande Riviere, Gros-Islet. He is fluent in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

His passion for his work is his way of promoting his country, Vestige 758 and himself as a graphics designer, and shows to others to never give up on your dreams, stay focused, and work hard and in time it will come.

This thought pattern lines up directly with Anthony’s belief that “Good luck is disguised as hard work”.

Anthony, the managing director, is responsible for the business side of the Vestige 758. In this capacity, Anthony has the responsibility for taking Henry’s fabulous designs from the drawing board to production, distribution, marketing and sales.

Anthony was born in Peart’s Gap off Chaussee Road, Castries and grew up in La Clery, Castries.

He has been called “Too Lucian” by some in the past, but like Henry, his love of 758 runs deep. Anthony has spent the last three decades in operations, logistics and sales, growing with each new opportunity and positioning himself to lead this dynamic brand. With the vision to take 758 global, Anthony is putting in place distribution channels to allow St. Lucians and her fans the ability to purchase Vestige 758 wherever they are.

Vestige 758 launched with SLU’s Jazz-related designs and its vintage Vestige 758 logo

Vestige 758’s initial product offering will be high-fashion t-shirts, caps and tank tops for fashionable men and women. However the team is working on designs that will transfer to other common clothing items such as shorts, jeans, flip-flops, sneakers and ladies shoes.

Those interested in buying Vestige 758 products will be able to do so via their Free App on both Android and Apple website and and by emailing [email protected]

Persons are urged to like the Facebook page, as all Vestige 758 new designs, special offers and products will be previewed on Facebook first before they are available for viewing anywhere else.


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  1. Congrats to my friend Sean and also my school mate Jiggy, so proud of you guys.Keep up the good work and God's Guidance.


  2. Great job guys you two make me proud to call myself St.Lucian.
    We do have competent people who love St.Lucia so much they will work very hard to put Lucia on map. God's blessing to you both. The sky is the limite. Reach higher
    St.Lucia We Love. I will support my people aways.


  3. It's Saint Lucia (the official name) not St./Street Lucia. She's a saint and not pleased with y'all dissing Her! RESPECT our country!


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