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The Gros-Islet Youth and Sports Council completes Phase 1 of restructuring

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The first (interim) Executive of the Gros Islet South Youth & Sports Council

(PRESS RELEASE) — The Gros-Islet Youth and Sports Council is in the process of restructuring, and has completed phase 1, which is the establishment of an interim executive for a Gros-Islet South Youth and Sports Council. Phase 2, which is well on the way, involves the same for the North, all pending final ratification at the General Assembly of the National Youth Council during mid-2019.

Over the past decade, the Gros-Islet Youth and Sports Council has found it increasingly difficult to efficiently and effectively represent and manage the entire span of the constituency, due to its large geographical and population size and the diverse and unique issues, and varying needs of the several communities therein. Consequently, a proposal to restructure was tabled for youth consultation, whereby a split, into a Gros-Islet North and Gros-Islet South Youth Council, would be established.

The suggested boundary is the divergence of the main road from Mongirod into the Monchy Gap, up until the River Mitant Junction. The youth, youth groups, clubs and organizations living and functioning in communities which are situated (southwardly) below that road , until Union / Choc (where the Gros Islet and Castries Boundries meet) would unite to form the Gros Islet South Youth and Sports Council. At that junction the road splits into two where they lead to either, River Mitant or Monchy proper. Youth in River Mitant will be a part of the south council and those of Monchy proper and other surrounding communities, the North.

Whiles this is not the first attempt to achieve this, it is encouraging to note that after several months of continuous youth consultation, the young people unanimously agreed on the proposed restructuring.

Members of the newly formed councils assure the youth that this process has not divided Gros Islet, but instead encourages and created the environment for increased inclusion, participation and collaboration of everyone in order to mitigate the issues affecting the young people of the district. Although both sectors would be represented by two separate councils, they ultimately represent the entire Gros Islet District, as they are expected to collaborate and rely on each other to plan and organize events which will highlight the talents, gifts and achievements of all its youth. Both councils will be overseen by The National Youth Council as is done for every other district council of the organization, once ratified at the next General Assembly.

Sunday November 4th 2018, marked the date on which General Elections was held for the Gros Islet South Youth and Sports Council. The General Assembly commenced with a conference, with presentations on intriguing topics such as team dynamics, leadership and good governance, event management, public relations and branding, advocacy and financial management. The council sincerely thanks the presenters who played an integral role in making this event a success. Following the presentations, the members for the council were elected democratically, following the same process as other district councils.

The first (interim) Executive of the Gros Islet South Youth & Sports Council is as follows:
(left to right)

President: Jeshurun Andrew
1st Vice: Shanice Francis
2nd Vice: Malua-rae Jones
General Secretary: Daniel Defraites
Assistant General Secretary: Tara Auguste
Treasurer: Sheralee Simon
Assistant Treasurer: Sherwin Alexander
Public Relations Officer: Jardelle Auguste
Assistant Public Relations Officer: Crystal Morille

The electoral committee for the election was as follows:

Ajani Lebourne – 2nd Vice President on the National Youth Council
Lisa Joahil – PRO, Castries South Youth and Sports Council
Joshua Harrow – Secretary, Castries South Youth and Sports Council

The (interim) executive of the Gros Islet South Youth and Sports Council, thanks the electoral committee, presenters and delegates, for their unwavering support during this time. We would also like to encourage other young people to get on board, and indicate their interest to serve as we place efforts into the establishment of the North Council.

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