The Entrepreneurship Readiness Program is ‘open for business’

The Entrepreneurship Readiness Program is ‘open for business’

(PRESS RELEASE) – The Entrepreneurship Readiness Program is open for business! With online courses from various resources such as the YLAI Network, Kauffman Foundation, SBA, EDX and more, all accessible through one place!

So far 15 students have enrolled in the ERP and have been registered for one of our free, self-paced online courses. They will also be registered as members through the sources of these online courses. Upon completion of these courses, students will receive a certificate of completion (some digital).

The students currently enrolled in the ERP are well on their way to gaining insight and knowledge in the field of Entrepreneurship. In an online classroom setting, students in the same class can ask questions, have discussions, share information, do their assignments and answer questions and quizzes.

For Entrepreneurs who will be presenting at Startup Huddle St. Lucia, they will registered for the Pitch Presentation 101 online course.

The YLAI Applications open in about 18 days so if there’s ever a time to enroll in the ERP it’s now!


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