The buying and selling of products in St. Lucia may have just gotten easier

The buying and selling of products in St. Lucia may have just gotten easier

(PRESS RELEASE) – Everyone knows of the issues facing locals when it comes to shopping within the country.

Many are tired of the excessive walking through the towns in the blazing sun only to return to the first store that they entered. Others hate missing out on the best deals because they either leave work too late or are not aware of everything that is being sold locally.

No one feels comfortable walking around with large amounts of money or even sending someone to make a purchase on their behalf out of fear that today could be the day that they are robbed of that money.

It is for this reason that Islandmarts was formed. It is a website where local retailers can give their customers an easier way to purchase their products. Locals can now browse through the items being sold by our partners and purchase them without having to leave home or work. They have the option of delivery or local pickup making the shopping process even easier.

Now you do not have to leave your home to find out what is available to you at the best prices, you don’t have to miss out because you are missing a few cents or got to the store too late and you definitely don’t have to worry about losing your money to criminals because all payments are done through a secure channel, reducing the need for you to walk around with excess money.

Through this website, many of the retail business owners who cannot afford or are struggling to keep a fixed location in the city/towns can now show the public what they have to offer without the need for a physical location which would set them back financially as well as cause them to increase their prices just to pay rent. Others who would like to tap into the online market but could not due to the cost and the time it would take to develop as well as maintain their own website can now come online and start selling their products immediately with Islandmarts.

In the words of its founder “Our mission is to modernize the buying and selling of products locally by bringing local retailers online to give the public an easier way to find and purchase products. Currently we have partnered with Furniture city (manufacturers of high quality furniture) and Health Nutz (Retailer of Gluten free products). We are in search of more local businesses to collaborate with through our website and look forward to helping our country thrive by encouraging our people to buy local because if we do not make things easier for ourselves who will?

Interested persons can contact Mr. Jules at 730-4088 by call or WhatsApp if the line is busy or email [email protected]

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