The arrogance of Dr. Kenny Anthony – UnitedPac

The arrogance of Dr. Kenny Anthony – UnitedPac

12e51666-8ca8-473b-a7c8-20b349d8f25cPRESS RELEASE – We must not forget the revelations made by Dr. Kenny Anthony in his address to the nation on IMPACS last year. In a public meeting, United Workers Party (UWP) leader Allen Chastanet ntook a bold step to question Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony on the political platform, about the source of Jn Pierre-Emmanuel’s salary.

The real issue is Dr. Anthony needs to respect the business community and not make a blanket public statement that they are paying Jadia Jn. Pierre’s salary. It is all well and good for whoever is doing so, but certainly that is not for public consumption. However, in an interview, Senator Tobiere conveniently sidestepped the real issue of the Prime Minister’s reckless and irresponsible statements. She and likewise the business community should be very concerned about Dr. Anthony’s public utterings.

We have to be mindful that this is not the first time as last year Dr. Anthony on the IMPACS report made another blanket public statement that the same business community was implicated in staged acts of murder. Can our Prime Minister continue to show such blatant disrespect for such an important sector of our country?


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  1. Have you seen how the the property of the poor old folks down at savanns bay in VF, have been blocked off by the developers on the orders of the vibrant young lady captioned in this news story? Check it out yourself on your drive to or from Castries, at the entrance of their houseing complex. Is that the type of public representation you'll plan to give us? Should we expect you to change after we vote for you?


  2. Wake up Lucians the business community always support one party or the other.This happens all over the word.The money was not coming from the treasury so where you all expected it to come from.He was asked a question he answered honestly and now you all want to crucify him.Where does the U.W.P. financial support comes from? Ha ha hah,i get you.


  3. This is pure gibberish Unitedpac. I sure fail to see your point. Is it because you have nothing to say? Golden Balls asked a question and he was answered. What more do you want. I think both you and Balls are stunned by the answer. Well my advise to you both is take a couple more drags on the pipe for it is one of peace.


  4. I have been very suspicious of this connection. Hope at Lucians read through what's going on in this country and send those failures packing


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