The Ark Band – Launch of The Ark of the Covenant

The Ark Band – Launch of The Ark of the Covenant

(PRESS RELEASE) – The Ark Band launches their 5th Album with their singles ‘Turn The Page’ and ‘Hold On’ from the Album ‘Ark of the Covenant’ to be launched in the Spring of 2020 in the U.S.A.

The Ark Band is a St. Lucian Reggae Band based in Columbus, Ohio which has continually toured the U.S.A., Canada, Jamaica and Turks & Caicos sharing its Roots Reggae, Calypso and Soca Music.

Combining heavenly harmonies with light, crisp performances, this powerhouse of entertainment, captures their audiences with their very first note. The Band combines original and cover compositions with classic and current Reggae hits designed to entertain, educate and enlighten all types of people.

THE ARK BAND has opened for and played with many Reggae Bands from major record labels and have performed at all major festivals across the United States of America. They have built up a reputation for repeat performances at landmark events for institutions, charities, and private parties for affluent clientele.

The founding members of the band Terry and Eustace Bobb, always proud to fly the Saint Lucian Flag, opted to do a special release here in their homeland whilst vacationing. The Ark Band celebrates their 35th Anniversary this year and to celebrate they are releasing for the first time an album, ‘The Ark of the Covenant’ where every single track will be accompanied by a video of its title.

The Leader of the band Terry Bobb says “This album, The Ark of the Covenant, comprises of our best work so far.” With this CD, a true covenant has been made with The Ark Band and its fans.

‘Turn the Page’ and ‘Hold On’ are the first tracks to be released off the The Ark of the Covenant Album by Executive Producer Terry Bobb and Produced by The Ark Band and engineered by Mosiyah Hunter of Rasta Vibrations Records.

Videos for both songs are produced by Dawin Mengstu of 4K Visions.

The Ark Band continues to be a dynamic force on the American scene after three decades, their songs expressing love, peace, togetherness and spirituality needed in our world today!


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