“That was my third time going to jail”


Imagine from a young age you are being tormented by evil spirits and nobody believes in you. This was what happened with me, I had spiritual problems but at that time I never understood what that was.

I couldn’t sleep well because every night I used to have nightmares; I used to see strange movements in the house. My life was upside down, I used to be totally stressed, empty and confused.

My parents got divorced while I was growing up. I used to see my father always at home, playing with me and providing what was necessary but I never knew what was going on behind the scene. My father and mother were not doing well and they decided to break up. After a while I noticed my father not coming home anymore so I decided to ask my mother where he was and she told me what happened.

I was so angry over that situation that right away a strong anger rose up inside of me. I was unhappy! How could this happen? I used to ask myself. As my father was not around I started to look for joy in other people and in other things. Because of the feelings of being rejected I started making bad choices and this led me to smoking marijuana, cigarettes and drinking beers.

When I used to smoke and drink I used to feel happy and full of joy but once the effect of the smoking and drinking finished I would feel down and I would be thinking about my problems all over again.

My mom was now a single parent and because of this she found it difficult to feed us. I started stealing money from people and when my mom had money I`ll end up stealing from her too. My mother was struggling to provide for us and I was stealing from her. Not satisfied with stealing from my mom, I started breaking peoples` houses.

One day, the owner of one of the houses that I broke caught me and he said he will kill me. I was really afraid but he decided to take me to the police station. I stayed there in jail until my mom came to rescue me. This was the worst moment of my life. While I was in the jail I started to look within myself and I realised my life was reaching nowhere. My education had been destroyed by my anger and addiction. Inside my house there was no more respect, my father abandoned me, and my future was destroyed.

I remembered once I wanted to beat my own mother but because I didn’t had the courage I never did. I remembered the days I used to hang around with bad friends and hold gun. I went to jail three times and four times I almost died, all because I was not learning my lesson. I promised myself that I will change but did not know where to turn or look for help.

I heard about the YPG (Youth Power Group) through my mom, so I decided to come and know more about them. They spoke to me and showed me the stories of other youths that had changed their life and from that moment I started believing I could change as well. Today I am a changed man and my mother and I have love and peace. I gave my life to God and I made a vow with him to help other people or youth with the same problems as I was facing.

– Dwayne Mcrae

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The life story displayed here is real and if you want to know more about the YPG we are available from Monday to Sunday to talk to you. It is free and private. Contact us at:

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  1. Is that nicky???

  2. Congratulations my son. Keep it up. Thanks to

  3. What a great organisation, well done, keep up the good work.

  4. No one is born evil. Our circumstances and how we deal with them decide our fate. You showed immense courage and perseverance to pull yourself out of this.
    You have a bright future ahead of you now, make the most of it.


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