Test Tower for historic Wind Farm now operational

Test Tower for historic Wind Farm now operational

PRESS RELEASE – The turbines have been set in motion with the erection of a test towerto establish the potential for the construction of a 12MW wind farm in Dennery.

This marks the commencement of work on the ground for the first utility scale renewable energy project here in Saint Lucia. Prefeasibility studies conducted prior have identified this site as a preferred site for wind generated energy.

Following years of negotiations, planning and debate, the Government of Saint Lucia through the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Energy Science and Technology is pleased to support the first major steps towards the realization of wind energy on our national grid.

US based company, WindTex Energy has secured the support of the Government of Saint Lucia and LUCELEC for the project. WindTex has also secured a lease agreement with the land owners for the establishment of the wind farm.

In order to prepare a bankable proposal to ensure success of this venture, WindTex must collect wind energy data at the site and at the turbine hub height of 60m.

The test tower which will be used to collect the data is situated a few meters off the highway, in the vicinity of the Bordelais Correctional Facility Junction.

The tower will collect data on wind speed, wind direction, humidity, barometric pressure, etc and will do so for a period of about six months. The data collected will feed in to a model to determine the feasibility of establishing wind turbines to provide lower cost energy to the population of St.Lucia.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Energy, Science and Technology Mr. Sylvester Clauzel says the erection of this test tower is a significant milestone in Saint Lucia`s quest to achieve 35% renewable energy independence by the year 2020.

He added that this initiative complements the surface exploration for geothermal energy currently taking place in Soufriere, which is seeking to provide a 15 MW base-load facility initially, with a view to expanding to 30 MWs.

Wind energy is a key component of renewable energy resources which are available to support the achievement of our energy goals as articulated by Prime Minister Dr Kenny Anthony in 2014.

Project Manager Daune Heholt says the proposed wind farm is an exciting project which can positively shape the energy landscape of Saint Lucia. He says “the project developer WindTex Energy which is based in Dallas, Texas has extensive experience in all aspects and phases of wind energy development”.

A media tour and subsequent press conference is scheduled to take place on the site of the test tower on April 22, 2015.


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  1. Regulation and taxation of the grid needs to be the government's responsibility for access issues. LUCELEC should be only a supplier. This way we can assure fairness and ease of access to would be suppliers while reducing the Island's carbon footprint and LUCELEC's fossil fuel operations costs. No doubt there would be some reorganization in the entire power industry but at the end a healthier competitive market (one would hope)! Lucian politicians like bobol too much before we can give anything a chance!


  2. I sincerely hope this results in lower power costs for St. Lucians. Green energy is the way of the future and can certainly reduce our dependence on imported fossil fuels.

    Wind energy hasn't always lead to immediate decreases in energy costs as investors seek to recover their investments as soon as possible.

    I've worked on projects installing hundreds of Vestas and Siemens wind turbines across southern Ontario, Canada, with hundreds more being erected every year, and I've yet to realize any savings on my hydro bill.

    They don't pose ANY health risks to Humans or livestock though, except the incessant swishing noise of the blade assembly which can be heard hundreds of meters away. I know the project location very well and don't think they will cause a problem. I hope they'll choose the right material or very soon the will be cleaning up a mound of rusty, twisted, metal as a result of the sea-blast.




  4. Son of Helen from what I hear through a reliable grape on the grapevine the future wind mill turbines will be far away from any residential development or farm or livestock. Lets try to be positive and pray for something good out of all of this. LUCELEC must not delay or block this. We need a brak nn our pockets. My bill really high. We St.Lucians all need a good break that has nothing to do with the color of any party. We need to encourage such green projects for our children's future. Government help us the nation with this. Encourage such projects please and make it easy for them to help all of us.


  5. When i read, the Turbine hight will be only 60
    meter. That are old model. The minimum hight
    is now 90 meters for better result. In germany
    old modells like 60 meters are replaced with
    new modell between 90 to 120 meters .


  6. Lucelec by no means is in support of this venture. They provide resistance to those of us doing PV systems. If you are a "friend" to them then u receive favour. The process is clearly detailed but lucelec's PV inspector deliberately wastes time to get contracts signed. Even after this is signed he would wait a further month before changing your meter to a bi directional one. Your net billing starts after the new meter is installed. So good luck with the joint ventures. The resistance hasn't started for them yet. I think the government needs to take a closer look at this.


  7. If scientists could come up with a way to convert BS into energy, St Lucia would be number 1 nation.


  8. This development, together with the progress being made with the Geothermal Study in Soufriere and Lucelec's plan for a Solar Power plant in Vieux Fort is wonderful news for Saint Lucia. It will free us from the scourge of dependence upon oil and the global politics that go with that dependence. We should be aiming for 100% Renewable Energy by 2025 at the latest.


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