Fire Dr. Juffali immediately! – UWP says appointment giving St. Lucia bad image

Fire Dr. Juffali immediately! – UWP says appointment giving St. Lucia bad image
Dr. Juffali
Dr. Juffali

STATEMENT – The United Workers’ Party is outraged that the Kenny Anthony Government would sully the name of St. Lucia in the diplomatic arena by the appointment of someone to a post for which he has no known qualifications.

While we hold no personal animosity towards Dr. Juffali, and we welcome his interest in St. Lucia, this country’s diplomatic postings must not be traded for any reason.

What is the reason for the change to the longstanding policy and practice of the UK High Commissioner representing St. Lucia at the International Maritime Organisation, headquartered in London?

If Dr. Juffali wishes to invest in St. Lucia it must be on the basis of a genuine return on investment. There can be no ‘quid pro quo’ for diplomatic status. This is the type of behavior that scares off legitimate investors and makes a laughing stock of St. Lucia in the world’s financial capitals.

Furthermore, according to a UK newspaper report quoting Mark Stephens, a former president of the Commonwealth Lawyers’ Association, “If this was a genuine appointment, there’s a tradition of the government concerned waiving that immunity so the person can be subject to justice. What I find astonishing is that it hasn’t happened in this case immediately. That only raises questions over what the government of St Lucia is doing in effectively colluding in avoiding the rule of law.”

In light of the negative image of St. Lucia this matter is attracting, we urge the Government to thank Dr. Juffali for his service and terminate his appointment with immediate effect.


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  1. St Lucia has become a laughing stock. How on earth does it expect to be taken seriously when it's Government so blatantly gets involved in Saudis ?????????? What and where is the connection between the two countries?
    St Lucians please take your Island back from these lying, thieving, corrupt, fraudsters who call themselves your government.
    You have the power to vote them out. stop giving your hard earned money and an easy ride to these people who constantly take diabolical liberties.
    St Lucians wake up and smell the coffee. Look at your schools, hospitals, police force, social infurstructure, raising crime levels, the very fabric of your society is falling apart.
    I have always been proud to say I am a St Lucian but it is becoming increasingly difficult to say so without having to make excuses for the pathetic example of a government.
    Please don't stand for 'party politics' vote for those with integrity, honesty, and have proven themselves in communities where they live.
    Your government should be.elected by the people, of the people, for the people!!!!!!!!


  2. Lucians blind whatever kenny and his administration do they will accept. It like Kenny and company give them a portion to drink. The country is at its worst yet still persons are justifying all wht k is doing. Shame on all. Oh I forgot you"ll under is spell.


  3. Kirton: You too have been bought. Why is it that it is only now
    we are hearing of this rich multi billion dollar man, when he was
    appointed since April 2014. This is an insult to me as a son of the
    soil and to every St. Lucian who has pride in the name of St.Lucia.
    The arrogance of you smart asses, thinking that every one else is
    so stupid, you can get away with almost anything. Surprise, surprise
    you have not heard the end of this thing yet. WHO GOT THE $ MOST
    can someone please tell, how about you, sucker.


  4. As a former student of internal relations and diplomacy, I find the willful stupidity and unnecessary mischief in the UWP statement to certainly lay responsibility with them for preying on, and seeking to reap the rewards of ignorance.

    First of all, let's address the comments of Mark Stevens. As a learned lawyer, surely one masquerading as one versed in Diplomatic relations, he would note that the UK has no problem with Dr Juffali. Further the UK has not asked that his diplomatic status be revoked because as it stands, he has committed not a single crime - he has no criminal record. I say this to point to the fact that there is no occurrence in the history of diplomatic relations that a third party state (the UK in this case) has asked that a diplomat's immunity be removed so his ex-wife who has already been settled through prior divorce proceedings should be allowed their courts to determine a property disipute case.

    If such false knowledge and misrepresentation be the basis upon which the UWP basis its arguments and press releases, they surely are showing how they managed, and will manage Saint Lucia's foreign policy. Countries ask for the removal of immunities when diplomats commit murder, man-slaughter, human traffic and other heinous atrocities. The crime this man has committed; be wealthy and have a greedy ex wife that will drag Saint Lucia through the dirt to attain her ends.

    The only persons to benefit from all this would be the lawyers of his ex wife. They get a percentage of whatever they can extort from him if they are successful. Thus I can see their motivation to drag fair Helen through the mud with such untruths.

    Just sad that we are so unwilling to read and see what the truth really is that we allow this to determine our lives to this extent.

    Very saddened by the willingness to be dictated to by rumour and mischief. Shame on the UWP, and shame on Dr Rigobert who taught international relations for allowing such a statement to be issued from her party.



    • Can you please stop with the BS! where exactly did you study Mr. Robert Kirton? Who taught you exactly? And if you were as well taught as you claim to be then you would have firmly understood what the majority on this board understands: someone's interest is being served and it is NOT the people of St. Lucia.


  5. Hepple anyone? $400 thousand salary and still exempted from paying work permit fee. Chasnet has no right to talk. His memory is too short


  6. These UWP people are jokers. All they do is to try to score points. I will not go back to pass of the transgression the UWP as committed. They must first learn to clean their eyes first before asking others to clean theirs.


  7. That's what Kenny government gets from putting square pegs in round holes. Jobs for the boys costing us our reputation and credibility! When you take someone like The previous high commissioner with no diplomatic experience, no skills in due diligence and vetting, a Johnny come lately pig in big city clown, who anyone just can dangle a few millions in their faces and are deemed worthy of our diplomacy, this is the result. When we have a lazy vision less government whose only revenue generating plan is to raise taxes or pimp out Saint Lucia to the highest paying client, this is the result. Now The one who advised on this appointment is busy campaigning in South Castries after leaving his trail of commess in London, with the hope of being the next PM! On top of that he was rewarded for destroying fair Helen's reputation and credibility in the diplomatic world with a nice cushy job created for him by Kenny Anthony. Hilaire in charge of the citizen by investment programme sends shivers down my spine because he already seems to be selling fair Helen to all and sundry for a few dollars! Lucians I sorry for us; the world is watching!


    • Very wrong and quite sad of your irresponsible remarks about the former hC in London. His remit was to be certain that is the citizens had a voice and our concerns in that pet of the world was addressed. I can confirm he did an excellent job at that. He's now moving on to bigger an better things. I have no doubt he will be excellent at his next appointment. Only those who were here in the UK knew what he was done to put fair Helen back on the map.


      • He put fair Helen on the map alright! By making her the laughing stock of the British. Stop your hackalackery and open your eyes. Hilaire is a failure just as he has been in all his previous roles. Let's wait when citizenship by investment blows up in our face.


  8. Is there a factory on the island producing bad ideas? What a bad idea among many others. Stop embarrassing St. Lucians and St. Lucia abroad.


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