Tensions heat up in Morne Du Don/Bois Patat following homicide

Tensions heat up in Morne Du Don/Bois Patat following homicide
Tensions have escalated following the killing of Shem Peter last Thursday.
Tensions have escalated following the killing of Shem Peter last Thursday.

Tensions between rival factions in the Morne Du Don/Bois Patat area in Castries have heated up with a shooting at about 11 a.m. Sunday.

Reports are that gunmen fired shots at a man who was allegedly present when Peter’s was murdered. The man, who is reported to be one of Peter’s cousin, was riding his bike when shots were fired at him.

Police are now in the area.

This is the second reported gun attack following Peter’s demise on Thursday, Sept 5, 2013.

St. Lucia News Online understands that shortly after police left the scene of Peter’s homicide last Thursday, an attack involving gas bombs and gun shots, were directed at the house of the man who was with Peter when he was attacked. He escaped.

According to sources, the person or persons responsible for killing Peter are allegedly trying to eliminate witnesses or anyone aligned to a particular faction.

Sources say the latest homicide may have triggered another gang war that residents thought were on the calm after several months of peace.

Now that the tensions have erupted again, persons from ‘opposing sides’ are in danger of crossing each others ‘border’, regardless of their innocence.

Residents are pleading to the police to keep a presence in the community to avoid further bloodshed as the hoodlums usually return whenever the law men have left.

However, sources say police are operating with restraint and caution following the United States’ decision recently to disallow officers of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force from participating in training programmes arranged or financed by the United States – an issue with stemmed from the killing of 12 persons by police officers between 2010 and 2011 under what was described then as “Operation Restore Confidence”.

“Yesterday, I was also advised that the United States has gone one step further and suspended all assistance to the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force,” said Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony during an address, entitled “An Unhappy Episode”, to the nation on Aug. 20, in response to the ban.

Despite this bad news, Police Commissioner Vernon Francois, who is also affected by the US ban, has said criminals should not take this as a sign that the police are down and out.


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  1. To me in St lucia now,human rights are only for the persons who have actually done the crime not the victim,where are the human rights for the victims,is there a different type of human rights for the victims which we are not aware of or do we have to start taking justice into our own hands,vigilante justice,satisfaction guaranteed.


  2. who needs educating on America's Justice system ? it's clearly one sided,last year a young man's killer was brought before the American justice system,a cold blooded killing of a innocent young man,and guess what the American justice system allowed the killer to walk free,now who needs educating? and who says you cannot call Americans Yank or Yankee ? they invented the name. Perhaps you should go back to America and sturdy some more.


    • Making comments about the American Justice System, or any other issue, without actually knowing what it is and the facts, just shows complete ignorance. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but please stop stating false facts and false accusations.

      Even though the Trayvon Martin case truly has nothing to do with what's going on within the Saint Lucia government, I'm going to clarify it for you. Zimmerman wasn't convicted of the killing of Trayvon Martin because Zimmerman's defense team stated his actions were done in self-defense and unfortunately the prosecution didn't have enough evidence to counter it. Don't quote American history when you don't even understand the facts or the justice system's due process.


      The sad part about all of this debate over Saint Lucia's police force is that a lot of Saint Lucians are mis-informed about the situation. America has no desire to rule or take over Saint Lucia, and America has always been a strong supporter of Saint Lucia without needing or asking anything in return.

      Whenever the island has been crippled by hurricanes and needs assistance rebuilding roads, and schools, and homes, when the island needs assistance with their hospitals and emergency care, when the island needs assistance with poverty and education and healthcare for their youth, who do you think comes and assists? The American Red Cross, the Peace Corps, Doctors without Borders and other volunteer organizations based out of America. America has done so much to assist and help our island. What America is saying is that it doesn't approve of police killing to kill unless it's done in self defense. They won't continue training and aiding our police force if these types of actions continue.

      Remember we are a poor country, and we rely on aid from other countries to survive. You think that things are bad now in our country, just imagine how bad things will get if we don't have aid and support from our allies.

      America isn't saying they want to control the Saint Lucian government and make decisions for Saint Lucian citizens. America is saying that they won't continue to support the Saint Lucian government if these killing for kills don't stop. And this is another thing to ponder, you don't see Kenny Anthony saying "F America", actually you don't see our leaders publicly voicing their opinion or publishing anything negative about America.

      All that's been on the our local news over the past few days is how much America does for the country in tourism and with the positive marketing of the island. They just had American radio personnel here volunteering their time in promoting our island on American radio broadcasts to help increase tourism. You would think that this current situation with the police force would be the top story, but it has hardly been covered by the Saint Lucian news media. You don't see our police force. Vernon Francois, or even Kenny Anthony publicly bashing America. Even with all of this debate about the police killings, there is still respect within our leaders and government for America. If we weren't running our justice system properly and America was truly in the wrong for not supporting us, everyone in office would be publicly stating their disdain for America.

      Again the truth of the matter is that we are a poor country and we rely on the tourism factor and donations and aid from other countries and organizations to survive. And America, along with other American allied countries including the British, French, Swedes, have been nothing but helpful, caring and supportive to us in our times of need without asking or receiving anything in return for their goodwill.




  4. Killing is killing and I don't need an education on America's draconian laws to know that they are on the wrong side of history...and they are Yanks.


  5. SNO! Where's the transparency? A little constructive criticism and it's deleted.Come on now! I love your site. I'm only trying to make it better for all of us.


    • No, the constructive criticism was well taken because the changes were made to the article. However, in the past when I make corrections or clarifications and approve the comment, persons attack the person who corrected us, implying that there is nothing wrong with the article (because they were not aware the correction was made AFTER you sent the post). So to avoid that, I edited the comment... not sure if you understand where I am coming from, but here is an example

      Blogger B: SNO, the man is 25, not 27
      SNO: (goes ahead and makes the correction from 27 to 25, but leaves the Blogger's comment asking for the correction)
      Another Blogger (responding to Blogger B): Are you blind, don't you see the article says 25? ("Another Blogger" was not aware the correction was made after Blogger B requested the correction)

      I hope that clears it up.


  6. C.R. Your comments are right on and I thank you for them. You explained a very complex matter in a simple and clear way in which anyone can understand and follow. I believe that most of the hatred in these comments towards the USA is misplaced anger, people don't fully understand the situation. I am an American living in Saint Lucia, as I'm also a Saint Lucian citizen. I love America and I love Saint Lucia and no good can come from all this hatred. We need to find a way to uphold a fair and legal system, where police going and killing just to kill isn't the acceptable way in dealing with these criminals. Please stop all of these hateful comments towards the United States and start thinking about what we as Lucians can do to better our island and to create a fair and legal justice system. Killing just to kill doesn't create security, in the end all it does is fuel the fire. No legal system is without faults, but we can use all the support we can get in helping our country get on track with supporting equal rights on all levels. It deeply saddens me to read these hateful comments calling Americans "Yankee doodles" and to "go home" and "shut your mouth" and "F the USA". If you re-read the anonymous commentator's post, she wasn't degrading or putting down Saint Lucia, she was just stressing the importance of Saint Lucia finding a way to work with the USA in helping to fight against the violence within our island. Saying the USA is the most powerful country in the world doesn't mean that the USA is better then us or any other country, it just means that they have the most ready and available resources that can aid us in putting in place a better justice system. Again equal rights for all is what we need to be striving for. No one, including any politician, government official, court official, police officer, citizen, non-citizen etc... is above the law.


    • Kenny Anthony needs to do whatever the United States is asking for and restore the American support.

      Isn't that degrading? You Yanks are so full of yourselves and arrogant that you are never aware of your condescending attitude. If the choice is between American aid and our sovereignty, then America can take Her aid and shove it where the sun don't shine.
      And please don't throw stones if you live in a glass house, because human rights is not America's strong suit. You can start by discontinuing state-killings/capital punishment, which is still happening as we speak.


      • Son of Helen, please STOP calling Americans "Yanks", it's wrong and just degrading. And I would advise you to research the American justice system. Comparing capital punishment in America to police just killing to kill in Saint Lucia shows that you are mis-informed and don't truly understand our island's situation and the role of the United States. No one is put to death in America without the State having to prove beforehand that they were guilty of a crime that is so severe that it's eligible for the death penalty. Innocent until proven guilty is how the American justice system works. Yes no country's legal system is perfect and free of faults, but innocent until proven guilty is what all justice systems should be based upon. Again I'd advise you to research the American justice system before you degrade America and state false assumptions about how their legal system is run. It's cruel and mis-guided comments like your's that give our beautiful island a bad reputation.


        • Respect, are you saying, "no one is put to death in America without the state having to prove beforehand that they are guilty of of a capital offence ?" does that make it ok ? the state has to carry out this punishment ? is this not double standards ? the current situation in Saint Lucia is not state sponsored killing/s. The police are dammed if they do and dammed if they don't. This current situation of killings are gang related very soon innocent, law abiding citizens will be caught up in the crossfire. How do you propose that Police and the Justice system deals with it.?


        • State killing is state killing no matter how it is carried. There is no false assumption, all of Europe has banned Capital punishment but the Yanks are still living in the past with this inhumane practice. So you can defend their cruel practices but it doesn't change the fact that they love hangings. Tell me, how many people are on death row in America today, and how many will be hanged or killed by lethal injection this year, while you blood-thirsty-mongers watch? Hypocrites!


          • Please educate yourself with the American Justice System before you start stating ridiculous and false accusations. This link is a good start to educating yourself on the American court system:


            Today, in our present time, the only way someone can be punishable by death in the United States is if they are convicted of capital murder and aggravating factors in the case must outweigh any mitigating factors.

            I'm not stating that I agree with Capital Punishment, but what you need to understand is that in America no one person can be put to death without going through the court system with their own legal representation. There's no police killings just to kill, that is illegal and wrong on every level. A person needs to be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt before they are convicted of a crime.

            Again I advise you to go to the above posted link and start educating yourselves before you respond and continue to throw out false facts about the American criminal justice system.

            Neither of you are helping to defend Saint Lucia by stating these ridiculous claims and using degrading language. Preach One Love... it's fine to debate actions and issues, but do it in a respectful manner and don't use poor language and discriminate against other nationalities. Saint Lucians are called Saint Lucians and Americans are called Americans. I love my country and I love my Saint Lucian nationality. But as a fellow Saint Lucian, the use of the word "Yank" is just wrong and degrading. From one Saint Lucian to another, I'm asking you to please stop.


  7. There are a bunch of 1 percenters in this country whos whole aim is to cause mayhem. Mr. Francois you have my full support, if thats what it takes to have peace in this country then be it, take out the criminals


  8. Operation Restore Confidence should hav enever stopped. If criminals can kill innocent, why can't they die too. We need peace in our little sweet country. Mr. Francois you have been doing a great job, better than any other commissioner have been. keep it up. Get rid of the Criminals


  9. whats hurts is that when the police do their jobs people come out in public saying that these fellas were so good bull shit. these wanna be fools are putting our lives at risk each and every day and we all as a nation are aware of that. Lucians are we prepared to give up our freedom to some hoodlums a bunch of young fools well i say if u live by the gun die by the gun shoot them all if needs be take our country back let america run its mouth and take care of of its own dam problems