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Ten to vie for Miss Independence 2019 title

By SNO Staff

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(SNO) — Ten young ladies will be taking to the stage to compete in the Miss Independence 2019 pageant and bring home the crown.

The pageant is being staged by a sub-committee of the Independence 40 organizing committee.

Rosella King, chairperson of the Miss Independence 40 Committee, said the event this year will certainly be something to look forward to as there are several aspects that the committee is working on to make it a bigger spectacle, as Saint Lucia celebrates its 40-year milestone of the island’s independence.

The contestants are Tunisia President representing Micoud, Kamani Alphonse – Gros Islet, Keahni Hippolyte – Castries/South East, Kieara Leon – Babonneau, Trish Placide – Laborie, Kershel Bousquet – Castries/East, Timiqua Bursharn Deterville – Dennery/North, Jenny Joseph – Castries/North, Sancia Charlemagne – Soufriere and Tunisha Lansiquot – Anse La Raye/Canaries.

Fortuna Belrose, minister for culture, said the pageant has created a platform of opportunity for young women across the island and has involved the various councils in the selection process.

“Last year we staged a wonderful event and we are hoping to build on that given the success of 2018,” she said. “We saw some of the contestants from the Miss Independence pageant also participating in the National Carnival Queen pageant and one of them Miss Choiseul Earlyca Frederick, eventually winning that pageant.”

She added: “The process of selection has also helped us to capture the essence of the theme for Independence 40, ‘All in, our journey, our future’, as it afforded young ladies from all over Saint Lucia the opportunity to participate and become involved in something that is quite meaningful.”

Last year’s pageant was won by Kurnisha Augustus from Dennery. She received a Monroe College scholarship worth EC$15,000, a trip to Martinique and a cheque of $3,000, among other prizes.

The event will take place on February 15 from 8 p.m. at the National Cultural Center where the contestants will make four appearances for – ambassadorial speech, talent, swimwear and evening wear.

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  1. Now I feel safe to make a comment:- GIRLS, YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL AND I LOVE YOU ALL.
    Women should be free to wear what ever they wish; Wigs, extensions, fake finger nails
    or what ever, that's the way I like it and what ever colour. Here, I don't discriminate, good luck girls.

  2. Why do women of African decent feel so strongly about the need to buy and wear the hair of other races?

  3. Nothing queer about this one...FR FR! Lovely ladies XD

  4. No one blasting this as a lesbian show? People need to open their minds if things never changed women would not be able to vote or have professional career. What is so wrong about a male pageant?

    • Males are not about pageantry. Go and do your thing elsewhere. Stop making children think that its cool to be queer. men have talents but it should not be about who is the best at acting feminine. Its not cool because the survival of your species is at stake. If everybody relinquished responsibility who would be around to pay for the public debt that queer people leave behind at hospitals and elsewhere? My children? It may also create a change in human evolution where males and females will be born without reproductive glands like sperm and eggs because the human body wouldn't need it. Farfetched?

      We know that a gay lifestyle is riskier than a heterosexual. Sex is not only a pleasure it is a responsibility. Soon we will be saying that adult desire for sex with children is a sexual orientation and not criminal. If same sex is cool why isn't incest cool as they are consenting adults in both instances. I am not anti-gay but keep your lifestyle to yourself. Don't ask and don't tell and most importantly don't encourage.

      • Your contributions are usually so sensible. Not this time around though, in my opinion. Men competing in a pageant does not mean that they are "queer" just as a dad playing princess with his daughter does not make him "queer". I think the male pageant is unusual but I don't necesarily think the men are gay.

      • Some one buy this guy/gal a beer. RED PILLED

  5. Al i see is bad wigs, bad weave and pretty smiles. Good Luck ladies

  6. hmm hmm hmmm now this is what you calling a true pagent not that last thing with all these fellas looking like women.


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