TEMPO and Celestial alliance promises exciting options in phone talk

TEMPO and Celestial alliance promises exciting options in phone talk

TEMPO Networks, the premier pan-Caribbean media and entertainment Company which reaches over 3,500,000 viewers in the region with its lifestyle TV Network and Cellestial, the first and only manufacturer of tablets, laptops and cellphones in the Caribbean have solidified a strategic alliance that coincides with the launch of TEMPO Talk’r.

TEMPO Talk’r, the brainchild of owner-founder Frederick A. Morton Jr., is a long distance, internet-based service offering unlimited calls to the US, Canada, UK and exceptional calling rates to the rest of the world.

Calls to other TEMPO Talk’r subscribers (TEMPO to TEMPO) are free. The Talk’r is currently available through a device for home phone service and a downloadable App. for service on computers and the mobile App will be available within the next few weeks for download and immediate use by Caribbean consumers.

The strategic alliance is expressed on three fronts namely the manufacture by Cellestial of an exclusive and proprietary line of TEMPO branded cellphones, tablets and laptops preloaded with the Talk’r app. The two companies will also share distribution networks.

Thirdly, both entities will collaborate on the cause-supporting front and jointly identify opportunities to give back to Caribbean groups in the areas of education and the disadvantaged segments of society.

The pan-Caribbean profiles of TEMPO and Cellestial match and complement each other says Frederick Morton, CEO of TEMPO. “We share the same principals, outlook and determination to unify the Caribbean through communication”.

TEMPO is hugely involved in educational initiatives, so is Cellestial, the TEMPO product, be it TEMPO water, long-distance calling through the TEMPO Talkr or Television broadcast on TEMPO itself is designed with the Caribbean consumer in mind, the same holds for Cellestial devices.

For his part George Benson, Executive Director of Cellestial believes that the alliance is a natural synergy and comments: “Frederick Morton is one of those rare regional visionaries who shares my personal belief that we should build on the treasure we call the Caribbean. I think that TEMPO and Cellestial are almost identical twins in terms of shared values”.

Cellestial made history earlier this year as the winner of Compete Caribbean’s Enterprise Innovation Challenge. The company’s selection was also predicated upon its potential to make a significant contribution to the economic development of Saint Lucia and the Caribbean in the area of product development, successful implementation of new business models, and trajectory in respect of new export market penetration.

This alliance with TEMPO gives fresh justification for Cellestial’s Compete Caribbean $1,300,000 Grant which came on the heels of its 2013 Prime Minister’s Award for Innovation.


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