Teenager received massive assistance after beating for shoes

Teenager received massive assistance after beating for shoes
The young lady poses with a donation of shoes

(SNO) – Social media users and others have come to the assistance of a young woman who was filmed being beaten by her aunt for allegedly wearing her shoes.

The profanity-laced video showed the woman threatening to choke the teenager and using a whip to hit her several times while ordering her to remove the shoe from her feet.

She was told to clean the shoes and place them where they were found.

The video took off like a wild fire on social media and struck a chord with many.

Among the first to highlight the matter on Facebook was a user named Mervin Coco Bellas.

“In all seriousness….turn it into a positive ……let’s identify the young girl and buy her a pair of shoes……so she doesn’t have to use that woman ole (sic) shoes again…..I have $50 on a pair of vapourmax for her……who’s with me?? Link op (sic),” he posted on his page.

The response was overwhelming.

Some said the video made them cry and Bellas was praised for his initiative.

“Mervin Coco hats off to you for coming up with the idea! That’s the spirit! That’s what our sweet Helen should be about! I want to make a donation as well. Fell very heartbroken at this video. Let’s make the negative turn into a positive! We can also find out her form and ensure that her cxc fees are paid as well. It has to start somewhere! Let’s hope that organizations will see this and make a contribution as well,” Facebook user Nissa Lexy wrote.

Some has called for an investigation into the matter.

Even business places have gotten involved and have donated shoes to the young lady, who has gained an almost celebrity status.

Meanwhile, some people have suggested starting a foundation to assist children, like the young lady, who are in need of assistance.


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