Teenager jailed for London moped acid attacks

Teenager jailed for London moped acid attacks
Derryck John appeared at Wood Green Crown Court via video-link
Derryck John appeared at Wood Green Crown Court via video-link

(BBC) – A 17-year-old boy has been jailed for 10 and a half years for attacking six moped riders with acid while trying to steal their bikes.

Derryck John, from Croydon, previously admitted carrying out the attacks in the north and east of London on 13 July last year.

He sprayed the riders in the face with a noxious liquid, stole two mopeds and attempted to take another four.

One of the victims was left with “life-changing injuries”, police said.

Judge Noel Lucas QC described John’s “grave crimes” against members of the public as “despicable and cowardly”.

John appeared via video-link at Wood Green Crown Court where he previously pleaded guilty to 12 offences.

These included six counts of throwing a corrosive liquid with intent to disable, burn, maim, disfigure or cause grievous bodily harm, two counts of robbery and four counts of attempted robbery.

At the time Judge Lucas lifted restrictions identifying the teenager, saying there was an “overwhelming, huge public interest” in doing so.

The substance used in the attacks was thought to have had a pH of one or two, an acidity level similar to battery acid.

Timeline of attacks

21:30 – Liquid is splashed in the face of a 69-year-old moped driver at the junction of Penny Brookes Street and De Coubertin Street in Stratford. The victim flees but is chased by John and his accomplice along several streets before he is able to get away

22:25 – A 32-year-old man suffers injuries to his face and has his moped stolen after he is attacked on Hackney Road in Haggerston

22:49 – Acid is sprayed in the face of a 44-year-old moped rider on St Paul’s Road in Islington. The attackers leave the scene empty handed

23:05 – A 52-year-old man is attacked on Shoreditch High Street. John and his accomplice fail to take his moped

23:18 – Police are called to Cazenove Road in Upper Clapton after a 24-year-old man has acid thrown on him, but again nothing is stolen

23:37 – A 33-year-old man is attacked and has his moped stolen as he waits in traffic on Chatsworth Road in Lower Clapton

The judge told John that had he been sentencing him as an adult and had he been convicted after a trial as opposed to having pleaded guilty, the sentence would have been 22 years’ imprisonment.

Jabed Hussain, who suffered facial burns and breathing problems after he was attacked by John, had called for the 17-year-old to be given a life sentence.

‘Growing problem’

The judge said it was “the second major corrosive fluid case” he had dealt with “in the past three months”.

He had previously overseen the Arthur Collins nightclub attack trial.

“It is clear to me that the carrying and use of corrosive liquids is rapidly becoming a serious and growing problem in London and in particular, in this part of London,” he said.

Ramesh Patel, of the Crown Prosecution Service, said: “One of the victims has lost 30 per cent of his eyesight which he will never recover.

“Others described searing pain and burning at the time and have been forced to leave their jobs as a result of their injuries.

“Had they not been wearing helmets their injuries could have been much more serious,” he said.

A second person who was captured on CCTV carrying out the attacks with John has never been found.

Scotland Yard said the moped driver was wearing dark clothing and a black helmet and appealed for anybody with information to contact them.


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  1. He looks like a deer caught in the approaching car headlights. Must be a narco addle-headed teenage monster.


    • "Monster", yes but "narco addle-headed", less likely.

      Sadly, there is a trend among marginalized youth, poorly educated with criminal records (if they are given the opportunity) that see minimum wages without pension security as not worth getting out of bed for. Yet they will train themselves to be strong, swift, agile and deadly on moped (often stolen), wielding weapons, and chemicals at anyone who gets in their way. The police seem to be ineffective at stemming this lawless, adrenalin fuelled craze.

      They are professional, mostly home grown thugs from many racial backgrounds. They believe that theft by any means is the only way that they can make a decent standard of living. They target members of the public without full wits about them to relieve them of their possessions. Their justification is that their victims are stupid to display their valuables and anyway they can claim it from their insurance.


  2. What a hell of a dangerous, damned feral human! Too many of our youngsters are growing up wild outside the influence and discipline of stable families or their community. Prison seems to be the last chance saloon if it has rehabilitation facilities; otherwise they are turned out hardened and bitter to pry on innocent people. I think the removal of youth services and family support services as cost saving exercises harm both the groups that need it most and the wider community.


  3. 10 and a half years for such a gruesome crime....A good looking young man just throw his life away....Satan collecting lives and souls....When he need blood he will come after you,you'll need to get close to God....Parents teach your Children how to Pray.....Pray with them,Mentor you'll kids,or Satan,Lucifer the Devil will take them away,by any means necessary....These kids are possessed with Demons,No Prayers,just Sex,liesMurder,and Bullshit,,You'll need to take you'll kids back from the streets from Satan....Or they all will go to prison never to return,or they will die on them streets..


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