Dennery teen allegedly sexually assaulted after consuming ‘weed cake’

Dennery teen allegedly sexually assaulted after consuming ‘weed cake’

maxresdefaultPolice officials are investigating a report that a 16-year-old female was drugged and sexually assaulted by at least two males on Sunday, November 8 at around 10 p.m. in Anse Canot, Dennery.

According to a reliable police source, it is alleged that the teen was given “weed cake” or “weed brownie” before the assault.

The source said the suspects are said to be “known individuals” but no one has been arrested so far because investigators are still putting together the various reports and evidence.

The source said the matter is being investigated by the Vulnerable Persons Team in Vieux-Fort.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a relative told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that according to information gathered, the victim was in the company of an older female, about 21 years old – who claimed to be from another Caribbean island – when the incident occurred.

The relative also alleged that the crime occurred at the home of the older female’s male friend or boyfriend, and there were a total of three males present before the incident occurred.

It is further alleged that the two females were given “weed cake”  to consume by the suspects, who did not eat the cake.

The two females reportedly began to feel dizzy and sick. Before this happened, the three males had already left. They returned shortly after when they believed the effects of the weed cake would kick in – according to the relative, providing information she received from the older female.

The teen reportedly told investigators she was raped/sexually assaulted by two of the males in a room. The teen also reported that she felt weak and was unable to move enough to defend herself.

However, the relative strongly believes the older female was part and parcel of the plot. The relative is not buying the older female’s story to a family member of the victim, that she too was raped or sexually assaulted. The relative also claimed that parts of the older female’s story is not making sense or adding up.

It was also claimed that the teen ran out of the house naked.

“One of the guys ran after her with a cutlass. While he was running after her, she met a vehicle and she told the person in the vehicle that she just got raped and the guy brought her to the police station,” the relative claimed.

Condoms were reportedly found on the floor by investigators.

The police, while confirming that a report was made and the matter is under investigation, declined to divulge or confirm any details of the incident as it was given to SNO.

The lawmen however confirmed that they are investigating allegations that the victim was given weed cake/weed brownie, which she consumed. It is not yet clear if the female knew that the pastry contained the drug before consuming it.

Only recently, two 16-year-old females, believed to be virgins, were gang raped by three unknown men in Reduit Orchard, Rodney Bay. No one has been arrested for this crime.

A veteran police officer was also recently accused of handcuffing and raping a woman at gunpoint. The officer was not arrested but he is currently under investigation.

And a Jamaican security guard was also accused of raping a young girl and harassing another on the Reduit Beach, Rodney Bay on Saturday, October 31.

The police have reported that sexual offences and crimes against persons recorded an increased number of accepted cases.


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  1. My issue is....not making it political but the leader of this country Kenny D. Anthony need to put stronger measures in place for these ilks not to happen...instead its all about blaming the police and the opposition...if the opposition was in leadership same shit to you all...we need a leader who condemns those sick disgusting acts against women or men for matter...not a coward to stand by tolerating this shit; come via the media and send across a strong message to those perpetrators and we have not even seen the "Prime Minister" yet on tv to speak on these "rapes" and homicides...smfh!! what has become of our island what has become of our people!! Karma is real people to y'all out there who think that your crimes will never be me when I say "KARMA" is real!! Kenny D Anthony im non partisan but you need to do something about this, be a better and stronger, sterner leader under the circumstances of all these rapes!!


  2. A few questions : What is a 16 yr old doing out at 10 pm on a Sunday night didn't she have school on Monday? Why is she hanging out with a 21 yr old at this hour with three men? Did she know the cake had weed in it? Sometime I wonder where are these kids parents .Still that doesn't give anyone the right to violate her. Hope they are brought to justice soon before they do this to another person.


  3. It's time a young put a knife in one of these rapists guts? Then police will want ro put cuffs and manhandle her in the process
    But like I have said it before the next one who tries it on my daughter again. I will not hesitate to rightoff that mother f****r. Because I am saying it again the police were given a photo of the guy and up to this day nothing has been done. But gauranteed I am theres to see or hear an officer an officer in that situation. TANTO TANTO?


  4. i am never gonna condemn rape at no given time cause i have a daughter and i do have sisters and friends and i personally dont belive any man should rape any woman.what i am saying is thta sometimes these young girls put themselves in situations with the wrong set of crowd meaning guys and girls and when things get heated up they make it look like they were so innocent.sometimes they already makiing their plans but things does not go according to plan and when too much heat is on them they find someone to put the blame on.these young people get involved with young guys on the block they no are up to no good and they know the guys smoke weed and deal with weed and they themselves just end up smoking it.they could of known that the cake had weed in it and thought they could of handled and just could not a the time.who knows if they willing gave up sex and then came the wrong turn cause in situations like thses sometimes one guy was promised the sex and when things start to go down his friend could of gotten carried away and then just forced himself on the young girl and things got out of this is why the cops must be on point with their investigations.cause if they were indeed raped then justice must be served and served quickly to.these young girls need to stop making themselves vulnerable out there cause the devil is on the loose and he would use any weakling to perform his deeds.there are many vipers out very careful.i rest my case.


  5. jaja things just start. With the kind of laws we have. We vote for better days which means better policies and laws and yet still nothing. I suspect i can almost read Alvin{s statement condemning the acts. Also i want to know how pepper spray would save that young lady. We are the problem we more interested in getting a contract form a minister or parliamentary rep than putting pressure on them to put in place policies and laws to protect us law abiding citizens. NOT ONE POLICY OR LAW TO MAKE LIFE BETTER IN THE LAST 5 YEARS FOR US LAW ABIDING CITIZENS. smfh


  6. Weed cake, used condoms, sexually assaulted girl. Of what value are these peices and person of evidence if we don't have a functional forensic lab? Note that this issue was avoided by all the wholly wholly government officials who claim that they condemn and intend to do something about rape. Alvina even suggested mace. You would think that any dumb person would know that rape are often crimes of opportunity, would you give a bottle to all females including 80 year olds and 7 year olds? If you allow all females mace don't you think that rapist would step up their game? Then again we have a reputation for voting dumb people clad in a particular color clothing.


  7. I have no confidence in st Lucian police and confidence in the persons politics. .if there was an option to recall independence they will get my vote....cause all I'm seeing is the blind leading the deff. .if it was the blind leading the blind we might have hope ..but it's far worse now. ..


  8. That whole thing not making any sense.. but wah.. that's some rell hard local weed eh.. maybe even creepy if she felt "Weak and unable"


  9. A matter is always under investigation with St. Lucian police and nothing comes out of the investigation. damn shame!


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