Teen recovering after attempted suicide

By SNO Staff

news-update-A 16-year-old from the south of the island who attempted suicide by ingesting the weed killer Gramoxone, is back in the care of his family.

The teen was released from St. Jude’s Hospital yesterday (Jan. 6) after a near-death experience, relatives have told St. Lucia News Online.

His aunt said she spoke to her relative this morning and he is “feeling much better”.

The teen was hospitalised in critical condition after he consumed the herbicide on New Year’s Day.

According to a report in the St. Lucia Star, he left a hand-written note which read in part: “There is nothing to life when you lose someone . . . No one knows what pain you go through . . .”

His mother died three years ago, according to The Star, which also reported that the teen consumed the poisonous substance in his bedroom at his mother’s house.



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  1. I am willing to bet that the kid lost his mother and was NEVER counselled by a therapist. Poor guy must have been suffering with severe clinical depression for three years, something a few rounds of medication and counseling would have solved. What hell that must have been.

    Mental health is something we ignore in the caribbean. We laugh at the mentally ill not realising mental illness is a very real disease and one of the more painful ones. And we talk about too much crime and how people dem days too bad.

    The brain is the singularly most fascinating piece equipment we have and unfortunately it breaks sometimes. If our society cannot grasp this simple fact, how can we address crime? Corruption? Addiction? Depression?

    Mark my words unless we as a society dont start facing the harsh reality that we are thinking beings and mental health is paramount to a healthy society, sht will just keep getting worse. Let this kids death be proof of that.


  3. He needs counselling and support;Something is soo unbearable that he believes that the only way to end the pain or suffering is via suicide.

  4. It is so sad but he will die

  5. Once u drink dat u must die eventhough he's still alive but he will die

  6. Be strong youngster. St.Lucians support each other's, at times you guys come across very negative as black people do but please support each other through thick and thin.

  7. This is such a touching story. Thank God the public had not been quick to judge then condemn this young man as we see happening anytime there is a news article about a suicide or attempted suicide. We claim to be a christian society but the negativity that spews out of our mouth is heartbraking. No one of our lives is the same and some of us go through so much.

    The comments here can either break some people or build them. Let us use this forum to support our fellow brothers and sisters.

  8. My heart is glad. Praise God!!All the best.

  9. God has given you a second chance so please make good worth of it. God bless you young man.....

  10. Wow..how sad..he needs support..its hard loosing your mom so young ..family needs to be there for him..where is the dad...

  11. God be with you and give you his peace.. A peace the passeth all understanding.. God loves you.


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