Teen brothers charged with gang rape, but their identities cannot be revealed – officials

Teen brothers charged with gang rape, but their identities cannot be revealed – officials

assetuploadfile23535550Police have formally charged two teenage brothers in connection with the rape of two young girls in Rodney Bay, Gros-Islet.

The brothers, aged 16 and 18, appeared in court Thursday morning, Nov. 19 charged with two counts of rape and burglary.

The men were arraigned during an in-camera session which was closed to the public and the media.

The release of the names and images of the two young men are prohibited under local laws, mainly to protect the identity and privacy of the victim/s, local law enforcement sources have told St. Lucia News Online.

This law applies to rape cases and some domestic violence matters, the sources added.

Initially, three males – ages 16, 18 and 23 – from a Castries inner-city were arrested for the incident, however only the teenagers were charged. It is unclear what happened to the third suspect.

The suspects were remanded at Custody Suites pending testing of DNA samples which were reportedly to be done overseas.

According to preliminary police reports,  two females, both 16 years old, were raped by three unknown males after 10 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 2 in an apartment in Reduit Orchard, Rodney Bay.

The perpetrators, who concealed their faces with T-shirts, stormed the apartment through the apartment through a closed but unlocked door, police said.

One male was armed with a gun and the females were also robbed of certain items, police said.

“The victims suffered severe lacerations of their vaginas with one being admitted to Victoria Hospital for surgical repair,” one source alleged.

In the Third Quarter Crime Statistics Report 2015 it was revealed that sexual offences and crimes against persons were the only major crime categories which recorded an increased number of accepted cases.


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  1. So the law protecting the criminals cause they're minors,who is protecting the 16 years old girls?arent they minors also?fuck the law


  2. Did I read the wrong article? Did the article said that the perpetrators are minors and are being protecteded? "Mainly to protect the identity and privacy of the victim/s"SMH!!!!!


  3. for all those and more who dont know this is what i found out that is preventing us from knowing the identities of these guys as mush as we want to so badly


    (Section 138 of the Criminal Code of Saint Lucia 2008)

    (1) After a person is charged with an offence under this Sub-Part (Sexual Offences) , any matter that is likely to lead members of the public to identify a person as the complainant or as the accused in relation to that charge shall not be published in a written publication or be broadcast in this State except—

    (a) if, on the application of the complainant or the accused, the Court directs that the effect of the restriction is to impose a substantial and unreasonable restriction on the reporting of proceedings and that it is in the public interest to remove the restriction in respect of the applicant; or

    (b) in the case of the accused, after the person has been tried and convicted of the offence.

    (2) A person who publishes or broadcasts any matter in contravention of subsection (1) commits an offence and is liable on conviction on indictment to a fine of $50,000 and to imprisonment for 3 years.

    (3) The person referred to in subsection (2) is in the case of—

    (a) a publication in a newspaper or periodical, any proprietor, editor or publisher of the newspaper or periodical;

    (b) any other publication, the person who published;

    (c) a broadcast by a body corporate which transmits or provides the programme in which the broadcast is made,the person having functions in relation to the programme corresponding to those of an editor or publisher of a newspaper.

    (4) In subsection (1)—

    “Accused” means—

    (a) a person named in an information alleging that the person has committed the offence;

    (b) a person who appears before the Court charged with the offence;

    “Complainant” in relation to a person accused of an offence includes the person against whom the offence is alleged to have been committed.


  4. It sounds ominous when an 18 year adult is protected riding the coat tails of his 16 year old brother! Will this set a precedent for grown men to commit crimes knowing that they will be given full protected if they have minors as accomplices?

    I do not think this minor should be awarded anonymity. However, sadly, the vigilante mentality in St Lucia will prevent the full operation of the law and thus deny the victims closure, and to have these rapists face them in court. So both rapists must be given protection.


  5. This make me so freaking mad. That is why them little punks do their crime, because they know they are protected by law. How in the hell will you all tell me they knew how to hold down the girls and screw the daylight out of them, and now you all telling me they are minors are you all for real at 18 last time he's an adult. Stop being a su ti wez with you all stupid laws.


  6. When you have men as leaders and as the majority in influencing legislation, the amending of such legislation will be slow or never heard of. I guess they figure that if they change the laws, several men in leadership positions and positions of high influence, who are charged for such heinous sex crimes, would have their pictures posted too. I would like to call on the few female representations in government and positions of influence to show their strengths and sincerity in condoning those criminal acts by standing up for the cause of young women. Too many of our young women are being violated, and if the perpetrators know that their identities would be kept anonymous, then there is little deterrent to those horrible acts, which affect victims for their entire lives.

    To the persons who continue to hold marches and peaceful protests, I applaud your efforts. However, as an alternative please come together to form a large group and sit with the policy makers and these who influence legislations so that we can see reformations. Of course, keep the media updated on your progress, so that the leaders know that the country is listening and watching. I think that this will be a more effective alternative to holding up placards.

    St. Lucians, let us never give up on our fight to ensure that we create a law abiding nation for the future of our children and grandchildren.


  7. People we just need a little more patience for the sake of the victims. I know we are all upset about this but be mindful that the victims are not ready to see who they are as yet...


  8. St. Lucia is small everyone knows the identity of the victims. So how is this protecting them? It seems like they are protecting the perpetrator and not the victims.


  9. I AM FURIOUS!! OMG!! You mean these rapists identities are not revealed because they are "teenagers". Considering their plan of action, how they conducted their GANG RAPE (gun, concealing their faces, storming the apartment), who are they? SWAT?? they SHOULD BE publicly made an example of for other teenagers to know and understand the repercussions of such actions. Call me barbaric, uncivilized, ignorant, oh hell whatever term you want I don't care but action must be taken against ALL perpetrators of crimes. With all the laws and diplomacy and secrecy, we are breeding a nation of youth who will believe that "I can do whatever I want as long as I am a teenager and no one will know". I personally don't want to know the victims if they don't want to reveal themselves but the CRIMINALS! We need to know toprotect ourselves and children from them. People, we need a sexual offenders list.


  10. Omg 16 and 18 and already so ruthless; armed with a gun and violating women. I hope you two are kept off the streets for a very long time.


  11. what happened to the third male. We will not be satisfied until he is caught and charged as well. Good job so far officers but the job is not done.


    • Oh wait. You are a police!!! What will you charge the third one with? Sigh. Let the law enforcers do their job. Stop trying to do it for them. They know why the third could not be charged.


  12. some crimes are so heinous like this one that the identity of the perpetrators must be revealed. so the identity of those rapists must be shown. if they are old enough to mastermind and carry out such a crime then they old enough to parade their identities about and to be put in prison for it.


  13. Why not?? Where was the victims protection when they violated every part of these girls including their identity....choopzzzz pun yo!


  14. hmmmm...wonder if they related to a high ranking official to receive protection. When it was the case of the guy you stabbed his ex gf to near death, his face and name as all over the place.


    • more than likely more will come out in the end dont worry you know they can`t keep their mouth shut in this island .... the drama will unfold shortly I give you guys a week ....


  15. This is bullshit!!!! Minor or not their names should be revealed... 16 and 18 ARE NOT MINORS IN ST.LUCIA. If they are minors what were they doing on the streets so late ... Why did they rape and burglarized? Where were their parents? Are they even at school? MAJORITY OF 13-18 year olds in ST.LUCIA are always at a club late nights .. Drinking and smoking... And yes I've seen them... And yes the cops were there and not for once did they question those minors .... NOW YOU WANT TO TELL ME THEY ARE MINORS!!!! ARE THEY FREAKING SERIOUS


    • Get over it bitch because you guys are the same ones condoning it when the the police act on it you all scream murder and abuse so keep your ass shut... and go ask the government to change the law


      • You have a good point but you and have a gutter mouth for calling someone that. Valid point, dirty mouth.


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