UPDATED: Teen arrested for possession of firearm and ammunition

By SNO Staff

An 18-year-old male was arrested for the possession of a high-powered firearm on Chapel Street, Gros Islet shortly after midnight today, police said.

The teen was found with a Mac-11 gun and a quantity of ammunition during a routine police patrol in the town.

More details later.

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  1. The Police, thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  2. The scary part is there are even more dangerous weapons out there.

  3. Get the cell phones of friends, family members, and contacts.

    • This is no ordinary discovery. We have evidence. It is beyond speculation. We have a suspect. Wring out every bit of information from this piece of sh##.

  4. His image, his fingerprints and those found on this murder weapon, MUST be shared with INTERPOL.

    There are no two ways about this.

    These pieces of evidence must also be shared with the heads of law enforcement in the ENTIRE Caribbean region, INCLUDING the FRENCH and DUTCH speaking countries.

    His ENTIRE FAMILY and friends MUST be brought in for questioning, especially those who have travelled to suspect countries in recent months. Leave no stone unturned.

    This boy is a NATIONAL THREAT to the security of this ENTIRE country.

    Let him get THE FULLEST EXTENT of the punishment under the law.

    IDIOTS this is no laughing matter. STOP making jokes about this matter. All these "LOL" foolishness is out of place.

    IN THE MOMENT, this man is at the END of a MURDEROUS, GUN-RUNNING supply chain!


    • Url lucians always av sumthing to say about ppl whn they find them self in trouble but i want to know wat yourl will av to say whn the trouble comes to yourl homes . Url ingnorant more than flin-stones

  5. Don't say shit my goon u got it on uh bus

  6. After seeing the real gun he was caught with it's clearly not a Tec 9 but a mac11 submachine gun.This weapon has been the weapon of choice for many South Americans as they tend to do many (drive by's) by way of motorcycles & it's easy to carry around rather than a rifle.Now what if you're with your kid/loved ones & this individual decided to shoot at someone & lost control of this weapon & the shots were to take you or someone close to you? It would be normal for him to just run away like courage the cowardly dog & feel he's "BAD".This young man is nothing but an illiterate fool & I'm glad he was caught :))

    ...& for those who want to follow suit & talk about tec 9's...Food for thought "real so-called gangsters" never liked using a Tec because they tend to jam very easily.They're one of the most unreliable guns in history,ejector gets worn out after a few uses & they're just cheaply made garbage just like the tec 22's.

  7. One does hope that our law enforcement takes this very, very seriously. This isn't grandpa's 6-round 38 Special.

    One also hopes that they work carefully with off-shore jurisdictions re intel and serial number if not already filed off. They typically aren't moved individually, there's a shipping container or lorry sitting somewhere that would have had more. If it's from a collection, what's left (that wasn't earlier first cherry-picked before even the "sloppy seconds" reaching SLU) will likely also include a selection of rifles, undesirable revolvers, some 9's and a few gauges.

    The Tec-9 hasn't been produced for a number of years, and was first popularized on American TV shows as a preferred fashion weapon of choice by younger types involved with gangs and narcotics. Now, it is more of a retro collectors item, given the evolution of firearms technology and evolving preferences for the latest "cool" weapons, such as Sig Sauer and and the latest lightweight polycarbonate hardware.

    One would hope that the enforcement officials also examine it to determine if it was a closed-bolt model or an open-bolt model, the open-bolt model being the preferred model by the bad guys because it's very easy to convert to full auto.

    This showing up now in SLU might indicate that the seized weapon was part of a collection that was stolen from a private collector in the U.S. or New Yorico.

    Law enforcement really needs to sweat the kid on this and relentlessy, "no mercy, no quarter" with their full unharnessed authority pursue this investigation, hunt down those responsible, and make certain that it is well publicized, both for the peace of mind of our citizens as well as for the nervous travel agents and tourists that Google everything before they make any reservations.

    Aside from its acute lethality in the hands of a trained shooter with a high-cap mag, with it's small size and it's kick-back even in semi-auto mode, in the hands of an untrained, unlicensed shooter, most people don't even hit at what they are shooting at, but rather can't control the firearm as it discharges, resulting in needless innocent collateral damage.

    For context, this was one of the weapons used by the two "Trenchcoat Mafia" wack-jobs in the mass murder at the high school in Columbine.

    Here are a couple of links to give an idea of this firearm:



    The safety of our citizens is paramount.

    The government has a chance with this to show what it's made of with respect to a public safety agenda for our island and collaborating with off-shore jurisdictions. The opposition has an opportunity to take a bi-partisanm collaborative approach to unite in an issue of concern to all St. Lucians.

    God Bless.

  8. Better to have it and not need it,than need it and not have it

  9. straight SHOOTER

    I am not surprise . This government is not, and i will repeat that. This government is not doing any thing to stop the flow of illegal weapons on this island. The Chastanets, Duboulays and company has a plan and it will back fire. ==== HERMANGILE FRANCIS DO SOMETHING BECAUSE YOU ARE THE ISLAND SECURITY MINISTER. IS THIS A JOKE.===

  10. Smh with the young generation's of today.....

    • Of today????
      It's only today you started hearing about gang violence.
      It's just a ridiculous blame game for some of you.
      The veterans and youths of yesterday are training the ones of today.
      It's​ a vicious cycle that people do not want to acknowledge.
      Open your eyes.

  11. I am really hoping this is an isolated incident. Because the thought of having more of these guns out there in the wrong hands is frightening; if they coming in by the fiber glass boat load then fair Helen about to get dark. Am also wondering is this arrest as a result of police intelligence or just a random stop and search?

  12. We have such a hypocritical society. We want the guns off the streets. We want a crime free country but when the police act, WE are quick to blame them.

    Crime has been used by both political parties as a campaigning tool. This is wrong. We pretend that we do not know that we have a "copy cat - wanna be cool generation" who never admit when they make a mistake. They want to live like the popular gangsters because of a hunger for a distorted self image.
    Our society took a major slide when our parents were unable to correct the neighbours' children...major downfall. The police cannot even stop and caution a teenager on the streets because our society will be in uproar.
    It is time we made up our minds. Do we or do we not want the police to get the guns and criminals off the street?

  13. All he was missin was an extra magazine in his back pocket...lol...i wuda trade u a mini uzzie for that e killer..

  14. SMH. I live in G Islet. I say shoot him with the same Tec 9. Use all the bullets he has on him. That should be the law. Our law makers have failed us law abiding, tax paying citizens. Next a lawyer will defend him and put him back on the streets. Then that lawyer later goes up for politics and he sits in the house. So what do we expect? We need to have ppl who will change the laws to ensure guys like that don't come out.

  15. According to the song! Where do we go from there somebody tell me!!!
    Yut man it's not the time to have that in your hand after so much already going on. Your mother is struggling for you to have her going through such young man

    • Get all the cell phone companies to afford access to the cell phones of all friends, contracts and family members. Pay attention to the travel plans of such in recent days.

      • our police sooo lapo and I don't know what will it take for our justice system to step up and do some real investigating!!!

  16. For every round of ammunition 5 years in prison....make him talk. This is not a joke,we cannot allow this to continue, as a country we taking this to lightly. But it's scary especially where our youths heading to. Have we taken a time out to s re what these youth draw on their shirts when they leaving Secondary School.Roll back your eyes you would have seen them in the city centre on the last day of school.pictures of Huns and Weed.so what we expect. nothing from nothing is..answer .that St.lucia.

  17. The special forces must interrogate this person to get to the supplier. We need to know the trail. This individual must be put away and punished to the fullest, the fullest extent of the law.

    Absolutely no leniency. This is very unnerving.

    An example must be made of this individual. This is a national security threat.

  18. Welcome to jamrock! Something is brewing and it's not beer. It's too easy for our youths to get guns. When we crack down on guns into our island we will curb gun crimes

    • Don't put Jamrock in your business. We got our own issues and by looking at things down there yours are no different too

  19. Not scary alone, we are already in trouble st.Lucia, and don't ever think because his not related to us that it's not affecting us, only God can help us, not these jokers in parliament.

  20. He did not buy this TEC-9 from Amazon.com so he must be interrogated until he discloses the source of his weapon. It will be interesting to find out how many guns are smuggled into the island through the... and its environs...

    • All HIS family members must be brought in for a talk. Spread the net wide open. Turn over every stone.

      Follow each and every possible lead.

      Extremely important. Were the bullets found in the last person shot with FOUR BULLETS, did they from this gun?


      Are those behind the scenes, trying to frame this boy then? Let this investigation be EXTREMELY LONG and EXTREMELY THOROUGH.

  21. Wah gas a my g

  22. But whyyy?

  23. Put him in jail for life....these idlers are gettin me sick.young guy like u with a good future bcuz ure able.u can walk around with a gun buy u cant walk around to look for a job.u c****

  24. This thing is really outta hands 18 yrs,12 noon and carrying tek9 with quantity of ammunition,sent lisi fini masiey.and mind that he doens't have any known enemy in the yard but he,s patrolling with what's not belong to him.

  25. So just now they just spraying people down in Lucia? All the sewtoowez that hiding them and talking about hustle. Blood on your hands. But would it be safe to say that mate will be in trouble with the bosses for losing that weapon and bringing attention to their operations?

  26. This weapon has been banned in the United States since 1999
    The question is how did it end up on the island in the hands of an 18 year old

  27. Mad thing!!! Mad thing! These toys break bones and mash up flesh

  28. Well answer to it now...what you doing with it...Answer!!! a ben

  29. Where he think he is Iraq lol lol ????

  30. That is sceary

    • Officer pit bull , to many other officers there at the time u couldn't have secure that one to take home like in marchand

    • Lol Scary???? If u knew the number of them fellas that carry them Extended clips aka Poles you wouldnt even leave your home an go out ... Mate just a Fool he let the pigs catch him ... oh well another one bites the dust

  31. This boy needs to be put in jail for a very long time but don't forget the big man behind it all, the one who gave him the gun, he needs to be locked up as well.

  32. Where did they get it from, and how pray tell!!? Please don't tell me they popped out of the sky as windfall.

  33. Gros islet man run the street. If you think you ah bad man come touch me then!!!! Try a thing!!! Any bwoy dis him ago dead like and get thrown inna the grave yard

    • Put your name then... stop hiding behind "bandit general." ... stray dog

    • internet bad boy aka 'bandit general' you not scaring anybody their, since u so bad put a pic of your national id card

    • lil street dog!mash!!!

    • Copy cat badman. that nonsense Jamaican crap. I'm not impressed, you are a follower. Its sad, I feel for that young man. I hear a lot of noise about jail him and throw away the key, but that will not help him or St lucia, its not too late for him. However, he did not bring in this gun or ammo. Some of us know whats going on, but keep quiet until we are affected then we cry mercy.

    • hiss salop. i want to know for how long ya'll will run it. small island like st lucia have no benefits from drugs. it eh go make you a millionaire. smoke your weed and calm yourself

  34. sure he will get bail ....lmao


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