Teen allegedly assaulted by stepmother and sister



A Saltibus teen is now suffering a broken nose after she was allegedly assaulted by her stepmother and the woman’s sister on Tuesday evening.

Chervy Stephen, 18, of Piaye was on her way home when she was allegedly blocked by the women, who attacked her by throwing several punches.

A close friend of the young woman told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) today that the teen and her stepmother would have exchanged words in the past, but Stephen would avoid her.

According to the friend, who asked not to be named, Stephen recalls that she was walking through a passageway towards her home, when the two women confronted her and started to beat up on her.

Stephen’s father and her stepmother share two children together and is preparing to welcome a new baby, since the stepmother is currently 8 months pregnant.

The teen’s friend told SNO that the Stephen’s father, who is a former police officer, had left her mother for the stepmother and both parties have never seen eye-to-eye.

The matter was reported to the Choiseul Police Station, but the officers are awaiting a medical report from the teen before they proceed with the matter.

Stephen is currently a patient at Victoria Hospital and is expected to undergo surgery to her nose today.


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  1. For Lucy and PM: you two need to take a seat in your respective Jackass/de-brain section. You obviously dont have sense neither any knowledge of the situation. Melanie and Toyarn need to soak their asses in some bleach.


  2. My dad is 48 years old . He has been seeing her from since she was 17. We resided at saltibus but then he brought us to live piaye, closer to the womans home. Drama started saltibus, went to sapphire and became worse at piaye. 9 years since it's been going . We Have Been CONSTANTLY PTOVOKEd. Several reports were made but nothing for this . Even when we are at home we would hear her casting dirty remarks on a Mike at karaoke, anchors bar in piaye. Mentioning my mom name . This is a very long story which has been going on for 9 years now...hope it ends this time around.


  3. Wow. The amount of people that cannot read (or write for that matter) but are commenting away on this story. Just to clear something up. It very clearly says "the stepmother is 8 months pregnant" not the stepdaughter. The pregnant person is alleged to have beaten the 18year old. There is no 18year old pregnant person who was allegedly beaten up by her stepmother. Basic comprehension ?.


  4. There are always two sides to a story. She is an 18 year old woman who fought with a pregnant woman. As far as I see it, this young lady is just as bad. There is no smoke without fire. There is a picture of a bloody face on here. Young in age but very disrespectful in their behaviour, some of the young men and women.


    • From what i gathered reading from above, the stepmother and her sister attacked the 18 year old - so what should the 18 year old do - just stand there and allow these people to beat on her????. It does not say the 18 year old attacked them. however the stepmother is wrong in attacking anyone as she is 8 months pregnant. She the stepmother and her sister has no regards to her unborn child.


  5. My goodness if u are not from the community and u don't know the story don't comment. The pregnant woman is the victim
    She has been beaten several times by this teen her sisters and her savage mom


    • The pregnant women is the victim hahahaha let me just drown myself in laughter over this stupid comment ! How hard is it to go to the police and handle it, but instead she and her sister beat up a child oh let me correct myself his daughter. Oh and let me not forget that she choose to be with a man who has done this to so many women....its all about him not about her. Maybe you should of done your homework before you decided to have his kids cause he has alot of them that he forgets about and her kids are next. To get to this point, i dont care who you are pregnant or not that was not the way to handle that. I hope tmshe goes to jail along with her sister, because they need time to search for common sense. Oh who are you tell people that of they dont live in te community to not comment. ... honey go somewhere with that nonsense !


    • Regardless of who is the victim, the point is that this pregnant woman should not be fighting clearly knowing she is 8 months pregnant. as someone has clearly made a comment about reporting this to the police - that is the right thing to do. as i stated this pregnant woman has no regards to her unborn child. the man should also take blame as he should stop this feud between all parties. not to mention he is an ex-police officer and so therefore he should know better.


  6. No parent or Stepmom has the right to abuse a eighteen year old like this. She is wrong and obviously naive and stubborn. That Stepmom needs to go to jail, both she and her messed up sister. This is not the way to punish anyone. The father need to go to jail too, if he was a man or a Dad, he would not allow this.


  7. there r 3 sides to every situation,the assailant's side,the victim's side and the truth!\

    AS a man and a father I am appaulled at what has happened.Bro. had you stayed home that shit would not have happened.

    Go apologize to your wife and family and seek their forgiveness and make it right.yes you are to be blamed for what has and is taking place in your neck of the woods face it be a man!if your daughter is wrong have her to bite her pride.if your jabal is wrong have her do the same.but go back to YOUR FAMILY.it won't be easy but you got to be a MAN.Change your life style give Christ a chance let him be your guide.


    • You're so right. From what I've read on Facebook it appears that the victim dealt the first blow and not the pregnant girl.


  8. All of them need to be charged for disturbing the peace. There are no kids in this row. Ask for the father...He should be held accountable.


  9. Why are we pretending that its not the norm for step mothers to exercise jealousy on their step kids?

    This is so frequent. Women are always jealous over the most ridiculous things a man I know once had a woman say to him " I want to have a daughter that looks like you more than your daughter". She said this because the child looked so much like the father it bothered her. She would always find issues with the child. Now that man and his daughter do not even have a speaking relationship.

    Men are so stupid. Its sad..most times men think they are controlling things but they're not. Sad to see this child having to face this because I can almost guarantee you...the evil step mother won't stop there.


    • This is such a true statement. I have experienced it and witnessed it done to other people. Men are so stupid when it comes to women and their children they fail to protect the ones that need them the most which is their children


  10. So much wickedness in the place!! no Morales ,no class, to much ignorance!! what do you gain from inflicting pain? come on cleanse yourself strengthen yourself!! To the father next time be a man take time make peace!! and if you cannot do that then take better care of your business, think first. Is then you will have a better understanding for any type of situation!!


  11. Everyone commenting nonsense about the pregnant woman u know nothing. The wife is a cantankerous woman. No man in they right mind would marry her. Vulgar, disrespectful and vicious are just a few words to describe her.

    She is one who allegedly attacks the pregnant girl all the time. I have witnessed all it. She and her children are not originally from the community but since they came to reside in 2007 it has been nothing but pure hell. The people of the community are fed up of them.

    They allegedly walk in front of anyone and start to beat them.


    • Who are you to say that. Apparently you dont know right from wrong, you dont do that to anyone at all. She is a mother of children and you do that another person's child? That is just stupid...did you not go to college to understand that what you are saying is down right DUMB.....! Okay let me know when you can talk sense.


    • Like seriously, does that give her a reason to attack this young lady so viciously. What happen to going to the law. And thought u were her step mom, as for u making those comments about the family says ur just like them.


    • You are no better than the people who beat up this child. You all fall in the same boat. I do hope the authorities intervene and take some much needed action that this case can sets precedence.