Team SALCC GYDC are Youth Debate champions!

Team SALCC GYDC are Youth Debate champions!

(PRESS RELEASE) – The Gros Islet Youth Development Council hosted the final round of its’ Annual Youth Debate Competition on Saturday 11th November 2017.

Young debaters faced off in a very intense debate under the topic: “Over the region sports over the years has recorded high rates of youth participation, therefore sports is the most effective agent in youth development in the Caribbean.”

The outcome was as follows: the opposition SALCC Debate Team with Leader – Reshul Narhari and Seconder – Daniel Cotter defeated the proposition, first time debators, Girls of a Feather with Leader- Franya Chandler and Seconder – Keebah Crafton.

The Best Speaker of the Debate went to the leader of the opposition team Resul Narhari.

The judges also noted Franya Chandler, of having great potential for future development in debating.

The winning team received a cash cheque of $500.00, two individual trophies, and one team trophy. The runners up received a cash cheque of $100.00 and two individual trophies.

The Council takes this opportunity to thank all those who came out to the debate and viewed via the live stream on the Council’s Facebook Page.

The Council’s mission is “To enhance, encourage, and increase participation of youth in the Community of Gros Islet by providing them with quality resources, training and support; to effect positive youth development and representation at the local, national and regional level.”


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