Teachers agree to government’s wage offer – with conditions

Teachers agree to government’s wage offer – with conditions

After two weeks of intermittent industrial action, St. Lucia News Online understands that teachers have accepted government’s four-percent wage increase with conditions.

One of the conditions includes an increase by $100 in the teaching material allowance offered by government, sources say.

St. Lucia Teachers Union (SLTU) President Julian Monrose would not disclose the decision taken by union members but indicated that the decision was unanimously agreed upon.

He said of the hundreds of teachers present, seven voted against.

With sources indicating that the members decided upon accepting the government four-percent wage offer with conditions, it would seem that the fighting spirit was tempered given the break in ranks by the Police Welfare Association (PWA).

While the SLTU president concedes that the move has placed the unions and the umbrella grouping, the Trade Union Federation, in a vulnerable position in the negotiations, he is certain their ties are strong.

Monrose contended though that the decision by the police to hastily accept government’s offer without thrashing out the issue with the TUF, has compromised the group, but had the police waited, officers would not have been in a worst position.

The decision taken by the teachers will be forwarded to the TUF who in turn will consider it along with the mandates of the other TUF member unions.


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