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“Somebody say Rasta!” – TC Brown is Saint Lucia’s new calypso monarch

By SNO Staff

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In this video still image, TC Brown speaks to the media after winning the title.

(SNO) – Scoring 839 points, TC Brown has captured the 2018 Calypso Monarch title at the Sab.

The announcement came minutes after 2:00 Sunday morning, July 15.

Brown, born Linus Terry Cadette, who first won the title in 2001, prevented defending champion The Mighty Pep from winning his ninth title.

The legendary Pep was first runner-up (second) with 795 points.

Nintus gave the Vieux Fort possie a lot to cheer for, taking the second runner-up position (third) with 793, with Walleigh taking the third runner-up spot (fourth) with 790.

The other finalists were Invader, Lady Leen, Oshun Ready, The Blacks, and Ti Caro.

Following his victory, Brown repeatedly saluted his Rastafarian roots and “Rasta in kaiso”.

“Somebody say Rasta!” he repeatedly shouted. “Yea man, give thanks, one love!”

Speaking to reporters, Brown said besides his confidence entering the final based on his leading performances in the rounds, his victory was inspired by the positive motivation he got from the public.

Describing it as “blessings” and the “energies”, Brown said the people he met on the street every day boosted his confidence.

“Brown, go for it, Brown go for it” was the energy he said he used to “bring myself out on stage”.

The Bagatelle-born and raised radio announcer also credited his “awesome team” for the victory.


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  1. Well deserved TC. Unfortunately, this year, none of the calypsonians had two really good songs. Your performance in both rounds was really good. I thought Nintus would have been 1st runner up though. In my opinion, Pep was not that good.

  2. From the results TC won by a clear 40 points.Was his performance in round two so spectacular that he blew everyone away? 2, 3and 4 were separated by a mere 5 points between them. In what way was the "rasta" song lyrically superior to the others. Talk to Herb black about topping semis and preliminaries and not placing in the finals.Remember the previous time TC won (with Solange) when Morgie was the clear people's choice. I was surprised that TC won.

  3. Like seriously people. Oshun. Her vocals were lacking. Do u all even know the criteria for judging. Nintus, TC, Herb Black and even Ti Caro performed and better songs than Oshun. The props also contribute to points. Those political songs should all not place. Tired of all dem political calypsoninas like Invader and Pep. Now Oshun coming and joining the queue. How sad. Glad for TC who stayed away from the politics with his 2nd songs. Pep should have NEVER placed. Nintus, TC Brown, Ti Caro,

  4. If they don't want to crown any of the new calypso monarch. They should leave it for the seniors so when they're done calypso will be over cause Oshun deserved to win the crown.

  5. I have been to all tents and I know tc brown would be our new king..I really don't know what was wrong with oshun she was very powerful and strong last night the crowd was with her all the way. It is sad a disappointing that she did not place. Last year I think she was cheated just the same.. We are killing the spirit of our youth when they try so hard and deliver on the night and to no avail. Wow wow wow.... Walleigh place before oshun.. But oshun will be back next year like she said she eh running.

  6. What was wrong with Oshun's song. This song had a powerful message. Tc was so noring. How come judges?

    • I mean wat I said

      Am so mad and pist off really judges oshun deserved it this young lady's song was very powerful and have some great messages ( politics politics these judges are victimizers

  7. Some of y'all getting dumber day by day

  8. Oshun should have won.... I am very disappointed in those judges... not even 1st runner up they decided to give her... They just killing kaiso slowly.. The youths will see no need to even try.

  9. When TC sang the song Rasta, I was wondering if I was attending a NYabinghi show, that song sounded nothing like a calypso. What happened to Oshun, Where did these judges come from? Keep your Monarch here, because he cannot represent us regionally in any calypso contest with his pieces.

  10. They selling we and buying we

  11. They just had to place Pep

  12. Is the prime minister was the judge last night get real st lucian

  13. Calypso needs an intervention, none of the four should have placed, this is an embarrassment to what calypso was years ago..........

    • were you at the show? are you dumb. its not about popularity.they did well except oshun should have placed before pep and walleigh

  14. No winners, Calypso is in crisis

  15. No one deserved to be crowded, I am totally disappointed, with all the social issues facing our world, women, local society that there were no inspiring songs...... a few OK songs, but the content was generally poor ....The Blacks song entitled Black Man was a good song........

  16. Nintus is always cheated!

  17. Its all about the prime minister have some respect

  18. They should have known that Kenny would see to it that they don't place so

  19. Well delivered ..congrats TC

  20. From the first round I knew he would win.

  21. The prime minister ensure that those who sang about him didn’t place


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