Taxi fare increases up for discussion

Taxi fare increases up for discussion

Taxi drivers are overwhelmed by the increased price of fuel and high maintenance of vehicles and are hopeful that the taxi industry can see an increase in fares soon.

President of the National Taxi Union (NTU) Lucien Joseph told St Lucia News Online (SNO) in a recent interview that the union has been seeking to implement fare increases in the sector since 1998.

He explained that in the past, committees were formed among the NTU, St. Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association (SLHTA), Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Tourism to look at the issue, but no such increases had been issued since.

“We came to a meeting at the union, resolutions had been made and we had decided to act upon it. We had three or four resolutions, but we are still waiting to see what can be done,” Joseph explained.

Joseph told SNO that a new committee has been formed through the Ministry Tourism and Transport to discuss the issue at stake.

He said a meeting through the new committee is scheduled to also discuss other matters that are affecting the industry.

Joseph explained that other issues that will be up for discussion include the recent standoff between the Southern Taxi Association (STA) and the St. Lucia Air Sea and Port Authority (SLASPA) and a revision of policies implemented by government to govern the taxi sector.



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  1. Sad to say that i warned everyone that other sectors would get jealous over this gouging feeding frenzy. I repeat my points for those of you hard of hearing and for that matter now, hard of feeling.

    What are those sectors (Taxi, Minibus) contributing to the to the fiscal deficit? Since everybody is saying it was not created by them. Was it created by the Civil Servants?

    Lets us examine this. Taxi drivers get many consessions including duty free consessions on new vehicles. Civil servants don't unless they are big officials and the vehicle is to be used in the performance the government's work. They still have to maintain those vehicles, pay the hefty loans and still have to pay sometimes more at the fuel pump than taxi and minibus. Bus drivers get consessions, rebates and increases from time to time. Plus they don't pay income tax.

    The country and by extension the tax payer cannot be expected to be bailing out private businesses. Even the Banks and Insurance companies have taken advantage of the feeding frenzy on tax payers flesh by imposition of various fees and charges without increasing or adding anything to the delivery of its services. In fact they have reduced their staff and shut down branches in an effort to curtail spending, plus adding to the country's already inflated unemployment rate.

    Should Civil Servants and workers for that matter who have always been paying their taxes all along be the ones to pay for Government which can't balance neither find the funds to cover its budget.

    This government is like a hungry lion. There was a current account surplus, they have ate that up in providing all kind of welfare programs for supporters. They have not added one single investment yet the public had to pay for a rebranded "Invest St. Lucia" and the huge mansion at Coubaril. Today our Ministry of External Affairs is still at Bay Walk, an idea which was severly criticized by this current government.

    The country continues to fall while the government engages petty party political devices to futher create division, diversion and instill fear in the minds of the public.

    The President of the Taxi association himself a self-professed supporter of the current regime is probably more enlightened on the state of our economy than ourselves. Is he therefore implying by his actions that the country's finances are in good order so we can afford this increase? Is the admisnitration lying to us to instill fear?

    As far as i know we the citizens only have a perception on the state of the economy since our national accounts have never been audited since way back when. We only get our education on the matter from politicians. The deliver those percieved inacurracies and rumours though divisive channels such as platforms and puppet officials to a highly uneducated mass.

    What is the immediate solution? Mine is get rid of the infection and then administer medication. In that i mean lets get rid of them now then start from scratch. Out of the ashes a great nation will arise.


  2. US$25 from the Vigie Airport to Sandals La Toc, 7 minutes away; and US$20 from that same hotel to Castries - 5 minutes away - is too much; especially if St.Lucia has to remain competitive.
    And what are taxi drivers doing? Looking to increase it. Unnecessary greed.


  3. Wow!Every one want a piece of the pie but the reality is sooner or later the pie will be no more.We the consumers feel the same pain.


  4. You think it easy when a taxi man stand up in the sun whole day and nuttin nah gwan, who feels it knows it.


  5. How will this affect those individuals from soufriere who charges ridiculous low rates over internet. Then each driver is required to pay up 12 or 15 US dollars on each trip so that the owner of the website is never at a lost




  7. Since we import energy fuels, any increase say for example, in taxi fares as we continue to face a numbing contractual downward spiral in the economy, should have come from outside of the country. We cannot control external world energy prices nor international transportation costs.

    The confounded lack of understanding of the ripple effect of economic measures on the economy on the part of policy makers is still taking its toll. In other words, the economic malaise has not yet bottomed out.

    If this increase goes through, then we will see that the noose around the throat of poor Helen's economy is going to choke off even more economic activity.

    Sadly, it would seem that we are about to turn to a new page in the continuing saga entitled thus, "When Economic Cretins Rule Your World".


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