Taxi drivers upset over decision to close Lower John Compton Highway

Taxi drivers upset over decision to close Lower John Compton Highway

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Some 30 taxi drivers who are registered members of the Independent Market Taxi Association and who operate adjacent to the Castries Vendors’ Arcade have voiced their concern over the closure of lower end of the John Compton Highway every Saturday by the Castries City Council (CCC).

President of the association, Thomas Placide, has said that when his members showed up for work on Saturday, they were greeted by vendors who occupied the very lane that they are authorized to park.

In an upset tone, Placide told the media that everyone had to return home, because there was no parking available. The taxi association head complained that it was an unjust move by the CCC to relocate to their lane, without first informing them nor finding alternative parking spaces for them.

“Two Saturdays ago City Council was occupying the other side of the road but last Saturday when we came to work we realized that there were barriers from the end by Jeremie Street to the other end,” he explained.

Placide said he does not plan to meet with anyone from the CCC, because no one had the decency to meet with his members before implementing this new plan.

The association plans to seek advise from an attorney on the matter. But in the meantime, he said if the need arises, his members will protest this move by blocking the streets.

To begin this, Placide said his members will park their vehicles in the designated parking area from Friday night, and when the vendors show up on Saturday, they will have no place to park.

In a press statement issued on Friday, the CCC said that the lower end of the John Compton Highway adjacent to the Vendor’s Arcade will be closed every Saturday until further notice.

The CCC said the closure of the small section of the road between the Jeremie and Jn. Baptiste Streets Roundabout is to facilitate the popular Jeremie Street Flea Market which has seen an increase in occasional vendors and shoppers.


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  1. It appears that the CCC has been travelling down a path of illogical and irresponsible behavior, the kind of which it might be unable to recover from if not trod properly. Please stop making these hap - hazard decisions!


  2. this is some bs.this was done unpurpose. how can you just close a street to inconvenice people who work there just to have a stupid flea sale. that side of the road was never closed before it was always the one in the market entrance that was closed and when it was closed i never saw no news of saying that the place will be closed but as they closing this new part of the street they just announce it in a rush without even consulting the taxi drivers. that is so unprofessional like they have something against taxi drivers.


  3. Foolish move by the taxi association to talk about blocking the road accessible by the public and which the CCC said will be closed for vehicular traffic. Lawlessness is fast becoming a culture in this place and time has reached for some violators to be apprehended and pay for their action. I'm confident the CCC, police and whoever else is responsible for law and order in this place will take action to stop the foolish talk and restore peace in the land.


    • thats true but what do you suggest they do . would you like it if someone came and knock down your house and build theirs in your houses place and live there?


      • No, what I suggest is for the vendors to occupy the other end of Jeremy ST. and not the Southern because of the Gros Islet highway and the amount of traffic on a Saturday in town. The San souci road is always congested when the G.I. road is blocked farless if an emergency were to occur in the North.


  4. Some of the decisions taken are so absurd, just to listen to, the flea market should have extended on the other end of Jeremy street and Not towards the fire station. Let's suppose there in a major incident in the North of the island, could you imagine what would have happened. Mr. Hollenseed, we know that you just got the new job and trying to make a mark/name for yourself, however, you are making too many wrong decisions too quickly, slow your role Jebranny!

    Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved......Psalms 55:22....KJV


  5. i agree with them... what they expanding that stupid thing for.. hand me downs the ppl just there selling and no one not buying... give me break .. only vendors want to make money. priority must be given to the taxi drivers who were there first man... stop playing politics with ppl bread man... cheese man.


  6. Does CCC hv jurisdiction over the road? Only the minister responsible for the road (King) and the commissioner hv the right to do such. SMH. Btw where will the long trucks pass coming from south. SMBH


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