Tapion Private donates to Bocage Combined School

Tapion Private donates to Bocage Combined School

capture-20151129-165442PRESS RELEASE – On Wednesday November 25th, the Grade 2 Class of Tapion Private School presented the Students in Grade 2 at the Bocage Combined School with several boxes of items containing clothes, canned food stuffs and educational supplies.

The students at Bocage were very thankful for these items which they will make available to some of the neediest children at their school.

This donation was the results of the collaboration of Ms. Joyana Poyotte; a community member of Bocage, Mr. Davis Thomas; the Bocage Principal, Ms. Yana Henry; Grade 2 Teacher and Mrs. Cenac; principal at Tapion Private. The presentation was made to the students on Wednesday morning. There were two parents of students from Tapion private who accompanied the presentation party.

The classes from the two schools were also engaged in activities where they interacted with each other. The students from Tapion were very please to make the short trip and enjoyed their stay at the Bocage Combined School. The students also participated in a Physical Education class together in many fun sports and other activities.

Ms. Poyotte and Ms. Henry promised the Bocage Principal that they would continue to support the students in anyway they can. They are part of a non-profit group that cares for at risk students from the Bocage Community.

The Principal Mr. Davis Thomas believes that it is when school forge such partnerships, they communicate positive core social values and morals that are important for the development of a society like ours.

Mrs. Cenac, principal of the Tapion Private School also shares these sentiments and is always willing to share advice with her colleague at the Bocage Combined School.

The two principals continue to work hard to forge a stronger relationship between the ttheir schools and perhaps a stronger network among schools in Education District 3.


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  1. Quite thrilled that schools can collaborate in such a positive manner. Other members of society should take note. Bravo


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