Talks between CSA and GNT could extend beyond two weeks

Mary Isaac.

Discussions between the Civil Service Association (CSA) and the Government Negotiating Team (GNT) are “moving smoothly” but could take more than two weeks, CSA President Mary Isaac has said.

The two parties met for the first time last Tuesday to commence talks about wage negotiations and better working conditions for its members.

Isaac told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) today, September 1 that the discussions so far have been good-natured and is likely to continue sometime later this week.

“Both parties have some things we have to work on, so most likely we (CSA) should receive a call soon to meet again,” Isaac explained.

The CSA president reiterated that two weeks is not enough and said discussions are likely to take longer. This, she believes, will help for better discussion at each level of negotiation and in the end, both parties can leave the discussions with something.

“I am very confident this time around; we are negotiating as just CSA. We hope we will have very fruitful discussions and the results are most likely going to be very positive and in keeping with our economic situation right now. We can arrive at a good compromise,” Isaac said.

The CSA has already publicly rejected the government’s five per cent wage cut and remains firm on its position.


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  1. The CSA needs a reality check. The IMF is very stubborn at this time and will not renegotiate any terms of agreement concerning repayment of debt. Any money borrowed at this point in time is done conditionally and only on their terms. Antigua Government just had a running with the IMF and have resorted to China for funds. The Chinese do not need a visa to travel to Antigua. These Caribbean governments are selling us out. At this rate , with the Economic Citizens Program added to our woes, our children's future is at stake. We have to unite to save ourselves. Government cannot help us. They have sucked the coffers dry. We most start all over again.


  2. The Civil Service needs reform... and not talking and negotiating. Am of the opinion that privatization of certain government departments is the way forward. We need frank discussion on this; and that's where our energies should be directed.


  3. Up to now, the GNT appears not to be armed with any concrete evidence, other than that which is anecdotal, that there is a crisis that the CSA has to extend itself to sacrifices, to cover up this Prime and Finance Minister's glaring, growing and egregious blundering and crass ineptitude.


    • The PM should fire his Minister of Finance, since both have outlived their usefulness and those in the supine, spineless, and moronic SLP hierarchy have not the testicular fortitude, nor the morality to tell him that enough is enough. And it is time to go.


      • In this blasted country, ordinary people are always paying for the complete damn foolishness that politicians even more stupid than them do.


  4. There is no way the Govt should allow any talks about putting Vat on Electricity. Just like the private sector is taking its blows the Civil Servants should. Jobs are being Cut, rotation of jobs, salary decreases, not increase over the passed how many years, labor code not for basic wage not changed, etc. Therefore changes should be made for the Civil servants, their service to the public is here not there. So PM you need to hear the cry of everyone one not only some.


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