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Talk show host Rick Wayne utters on-air expletive (+video)

By SNO Staff

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— An apparent on-air expletive was uttered by publisher and talk show host Rick Wayne on his show hosted by DBS TV.

The profane word was said recently when Wayne was interviewing Norbert Williams, political attache to Prime Minister, Allen Chastenet.

The discussion was centered around job creation with Wayne arguing that it is the government’s total responsibility to provide work opportunities for all Saint Lucians.

However, Williams disagreed saying that the government cannot provide work opportunities for everyone.

At one point during the discussion the phone rang.

“One minute, I am interrupting you,” Wayne told his guest before answering the phone.

“Yes, sir,” a voice purportedly belonging to Prime Minister Chastenet said.

“I am on TV with Mr. Norbert Williams,” Wayne told the caller.

“Oh, good for you,” was the response.

“Talk to you later,” Wayne said to the voice on the phone.

After the call ended, Wayne gesticulated to Williams and said, “F*&*%*& Allen,” before proceeding to say, “I hope nobody saw that, I hope nobody saw that.”

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  1. So Mr. Rick is being called by the PM and is answering "Yes, Sir" and he is suppose to be an IMPARTIAL journalist? lol

  2. I wonder if the minister of communications will warn or discipline Mr.Wayne because i remember Mr. Hunte was vilified for his use of obscene language?

  3. Nah Rick you're wrong. Government does not have to provide work for everybody but rather facilitate or assist the private sector in creating employment. I thought you were brighter than this

  4. Rick Wayne, has

  5. I said what I said



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