Botham Jean divinely taken, Amber Guyger was chosen to do it: Krok

Botham Jean divinely taken, Amber Guyger was chosen to do it: Krok
Botham Jean (left) and Chris Krok
Botham Jean (left) and Chris Krok

Attorney S. Lee Merritt has described as “dangerous, defamatory and uniquely evil”, words used by an American radio talk show host in attacking Botham Jean’s mother, Allison Jean.

Merrit, one of the attorneys representing the Saint Lucian Jean family, posted on Twitter, a clip of Chris Krok of WBAP radio in Texas trash-talking Botham’s mother.

Allison Jean (left) and Krok

Krok called Allison a liar.

“She is filled with bitterness and hatred and she is going to cause a riot in Dallas. Botham Jean’s mother is consumed with hate… She wants to make money off of this for some reason,” Krok said.

And he went even lower: “God took Botham away for some reason. God chose to use Amber Guyger to do that.”

“This was dangerous, defamatory and uniquely evil,” Merrit said in his Twitter post.

Amber Guyger was employed with the Dallas police when she shot and killed Jean in his own apartment on Sept. 6, 2018. She claimed that she mistook Jean’s apartment for her own.

After protests and widespread news coverage, Guyger, by then axed from the police department, was finally indicted by a grand jury on Dec. 1 for murder. She was released on $200,000 bond after being booked.

The trial is set for Sept. 23.

BTW WHO IS CHRIS KROK? Below is some information from the radio station’s website.

“The Chris Krok Show is heard every weekday evening, 8:00 – 12:00 on WBAP NewsTalk 820. Passion is the one word that sums up the Chris Krok Show. That’s what sets him apart from others… his energy and his passion. Krok is all about his family and his strong middle class values.. and his faith.”

“He loves talking about how his dad was a cop and his mom was a nurse. The show’s about life… sometimes you’re angry at something that’s happened in the news… sometimes you’re sad.

“Other times you’re laughing out loud. No one is more passionate for local issues than Krok. And he proudly pulls back the curtain to talk about his wife, kids and pets. Krok has been a guest on cable TV news shows, like Bill O’Reilly and Lou Dobbs. He does regular editorials on WFAA-TV Channel 8 ABC and fills-in for Westwood One’s syndicated show “Red Eye Radio” as well.

“Western Illinois University’s Broadcast Department named Krok (a 1995 graduate) “Alumni of the Year” in 2016 for his contributions to broadcasting and the WIU Department of Broadcasting. In 2011, Krok was honored as one of the 100 most important Radio Talk Show Hosts in America, by being added to “Talkers” magazine’s “Heavy Hundred” list, ranking him among the biggest Talk Radio Stars in the U.S. “Radio and Records” named Krok as one of the “Ten Up and Coming Talents to Watch” in 2009. “Talkers” magazine named him as one of the 250 most important Talk Show Hosts in 2007.”


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  1. The white man created in his mind a God in his own image and likeness. See how he is destroying the planet earth in his quest for dominance. Greedy amoral and immoral bastards! Every race on earth imagines its own God. It is foolish, therefore, to ever believe that the God of the white man is your God if you are not a Caucasian.

    His God is in his mind, If in his mind his God tells him to kill, it is pure and just to kill the savages, take their gold, massacre them and take their lands. It is his God's will. He is doing his God's work.


    • You are so right. Even the creation of the Devil. Unless, as some might argue that the Devil created itself.


  2. Attorney S. Lee Merritt has described Chris Krok as “dangerous, defamatory and uniquely evil”, in attacking Botham Jean’s mother, Allison Jean. Let’s get real, America has free speech and individuals are free to say or spew whatever venom that is in their hearts. You do not have to listen to it or allow it to poison your spirit. It is obvious that Chris Krok is trying to normalise abnormal behaviour with his take on the situation. He is trying some kind of juju– just throw God in the milieu and wrong will be right and right will be wrong! This kind of psychic warfare should be treated with the contempt it deserve by not rising to the bait. Truth and justice will prevail.




  4. These trash white people's God is the devil himself. Anything goes. Just say that God spoke to you and go ahead, maim, butcher, enslave, terrorise. As long as it is done in God's name, it is justified. It is ok.

    The world turns. Might is right. I hate religion.


    • It's not religion love it's the ones who falsely use it. I promise God is Good and His thoughts towards us are good and NOT evil. Don't trust every messenger if it doesn't line up with God's word, it's not true!


      • Your promise is useless. It can stop nothing. Nothing that globally, evolved human beings, not the primitives seen around the world that walk upright, consider to be bad and evil.


  5. Krok has provided the opportunity for more charges to be pressed against him and the radio station!
    We won't allow him to get away!


  6. He contributes to Bill OReilly and Lou Dobbs eh? That should tell you EVERYTHING about where he stands on the value of the lives of Black People.


  7. Well !Well ! Well prayer is mighty Ms. Jean, keep your knees down. Satans seeds do not sleep. thats one thing i have come to learn now in my relatively young life. Lucifer parades in all shapes and disguises including having this idiot spout nonsense. Anyone who has had anyone taken away too soon and there is such a thing, as being taken too soon, knows of the anguish of a life cut short. God Bless! We Will Get Justice Krok. We must get justice and Guyer will pay for what she has done. I believe that with every fibre of my praying being. Sometimes innocence expose wickedness in high places. And God does not allow loss to go without recompense. God Blessings again.


  8. If Chris Krok is the family man that they say he is, he would understand a mother's grieving. And I don't see any evidence of anger in Allison Jean. She is very composed. The reason why he is bothered is because she is doing her best to ensure that justice is done for her son. Chris for your information, no amount of money can bring Botham back. You guys are just a bunch of racists who treat your dogs better than you treat humans! Allison don't give upin seeking justice for Botham!!


  9. A nobody looking to make fame from people's suffering....his name will not be mentioned and he will get one unit of ratings from me looking at his filth. He is the real evil one trying the same age ole tactic of lewd and shocking statements to get people to boost his ratings....remember, any attention for this desperate people is good attention!


  10. Guys I know you are all angry at what he said and all but I kind of get the point where he says God knows why he did what he did. If Botham was supposed to survive he would've gotten hit somewhere else. I don't think Botham's soul wants us to hate each other over his death but come together only to remember the amazing person he was and show us the role model in himself. God makes things happen in life as lessons, you take what you want from it to either grow or stay trapped in life.

    People being so negative and spiteful for events such as those only causes more division between us as humans, let us learn to forgive and grow spiritually rather than hating each other for our opinions and differences. We are all ONE PEOPLE, let's try to grow as a species sigh. I know many of you may dislike/hate the fact that I'm trying to preach positivity, but I beg of you my fellow St. Lucians and humans to understand where I am coming from.


    • True words i agree no matter we upset we want to c her suffer bt let god deal with d matter




    • hello?
      while the innocent is learning to forgive and forget; the enemy is busy remembering and killing.each time the slave master killed a slave the other slaves forgave and forgot and guess what happened? ... yep !! u are right they killed again AND AGAIN L...sad sad. and next thing they called you imbeciles.REMEMBER chaos bring order. RESPECT DUE TO IVAN SERTIMA, BEN YOSSEF, RODNEY WALTER, LOUIS FARAKHAN.. ONE MORE THING..... GO AND ATTACK THE ISRAELITE'S YOU GO SEE WHAT GO HAPPEN TO YOU


  11. Why am I feeling that this coward has just attacked me- as a Saint Lucian citizen! To my fellow country men- stop bowing to subtle enslavement of ourselves in our own country. These guys have every right to speak their trashy minds over there, but never should we allow them such freedom of expression on our soils ( at those hotels in particular). Stand up my people!
    BTW- customs/ immigration/ Airline companies/ travel agents- please let us know when this guys plans to visit sweet helen 🙂 !!!


  12. hope when it hit home he knows how it feels the son of a b---- he will have his day. we will continued to fight for the right of Botham for his family was rob of a good young man son of our soil, so Chris move your m---- c.


  13. Someone needs to sue this guy for his defamatory statements so that this behavior is not encouraged


  14. Yall have to let us know when them punks coming to the Caribbean on vacation or workshops seminars so we could show them what real free black men n boys look like.all that black on black crime in the states y don't yall make some sacrifices n put them boys to chill out.they can't never enslave us again.putting that work G's




  16. This man is a sick and wicked to attack a grieving mother who just wants justice for her son on what wr all know was a hate/racist motivated crime. White ppl are always quick to call black ppl bitter and hatful but God is not asleep judgement is coming!! Dallas should burn if justice is not served SMH!


  17. my lady take that bastard to court for defaming your name show that asshole radio man that Saint lucians not on shate and we dont take crap from people like him with the bag of bull he coming and talk there the racist pig


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