Talk show for 18+ audience premieres in Saint Lucia

Talk show for 18+ audience premieres in Saint Lucia

(PRESS RELEASE) — A new talk show, “Late Night With Dee”/LNWD, is set to premiere this Saturday on ETV (Channel 124).

The show, produced by Blue Ice Entertainment and hosted by Media and Marketing Specialist, Delia “Dee” Louis, targets a mature audience and invites guests to speak on issues relating to relationships.

“Dee”, who is also the director of LNWD, explains that she conceptualised the idea for the late night show about two years ago but it came to fruition mid 2018.

“I am extremely excited for the premiere of the show; the response to the teasers online is overwhelming. I’ve had this idea for a late night show for a “grown and sexy” audience, where my guests and I can keep it real, yet classy, on issues of relationships, sex, love and everything in between, over a glass of Barefoot Wine. I teamed up with ETV, formerly Underground TV/UTV, for production and airing, as LNWD aligns with its new vision for local entertainment programming.”

So far, LNWD has interviewed music artists, doctors, couples, a transitioning tourism worker, representatives from the LGBTQI community, hosted friends for girl chats and men vs women debates. Dee added that since the show is the first of its kind in the region, it will add a fresh perspective to a number of common ideas and issues regarding relationships.

“Late Night With Dee really changes the landscape of local television programmes. It is entertaining yet educational. We also host a behind-the-scenes vlog on our Youtube Channel so fans can get a sneak peak of what it’s like putting the show together. I am taking this opportunity to thank all my sponsors and supporters, in particular Peter & Company Distribution for its sponsorship of its Barefoot Wine varieties.”

Late Night With Dee premieres on Saturday, January 12 at 11 p.m. on ETV (Channel 124) with the topic “LGBTQI Love”. Reruns and web exclusives can be viewed when one subscribes to the show’s Youtube channel – LNWD. Fans and followers can join the topic discussions and win fantastic prizes from sponsors on the show’s Facebook page @Latenightwithdee or Dee’s Instagram @iamdeelouis.


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  1. I'm very impressed. What do we have here? Are the ignorant going to be talking to the even more ignorant?


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