Talk show “Connect the Dots” launched

Talk show “Connect the Dots” launched
Dr. Gale T.C. Rigobert
Dr. Rigobert

Tuesday, January 15, 2013 – Saint Lucian academic, author and politician currently serving in the  island’s Parliament, Dr. Gale Rigobert,  has called on Saint Lucians to begin to stimulate themselves much more in domestic, regional and international events and discourse.

Dr. Rigobert recently launched  her talk show named “Connect the Dots.” The talk show is expected to begin in February with a focus on Saint Lucia’s  34th Anniversary of Independence.

Launched in the presence of an appreciative audience who were wondering  what could another talk show bring to the Saint Lucian public Dr. Gale Rigobert showed her appreciation for this question by giving this response which explained her reasons her undertaking this new initiative.

“Since we’re going live in February and February being the month of Independence and the month of love, I suppose the calenderized version of love, I will be dealing with those two matters.”

Mentor and former lecturer to Dr. Rigobert from the University of the West Indies Dr. Keith Nurse endorsed  the undertaking as an exercise which seems poised to bring enlightenment to the entire region.

“And  so the idea of Connecting the Dots I think is really a new way of expressing some key ideas that we have been discussing over the years.  I am sure the programme is really going to hit the nail on the head, in terms of bringing together some key issues that affect not just the Caribbean  but many other parts of the world.”


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