Taiwan Technical Mission Seven Crops Project conducts Consumer Behavior Survey

Taiwan Technical Mission Seven Crops Project conducts Consumer Behavior Survey

(PRESS RELEASE) – The Taiwan Technical Mission worked along with the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Physical Planning, Natural Resources and Co-operatives, and local chain supermarkets to conduct a consumer behavior survey in November 2019.

This survey was focused on the consumer’s attitudes, motivations, and perceptions of local crops. From the initial results of the study, it suggested that the marketing strategy could emphasize more on social appeals.

This research survey is attached to the project for enhancing the efficiency of the production-distribution supply chain in the fruit and vegetable sector, as known as the Seven Crop Project. This study was conducted by the intern of this project, Cheng-Wei Ku, as instructed by the project specialist from the mission, Ai-Lin Chen.

The purpose of this project is not only increasing the sale volume of local produce among the seven crops, namely, bell pepper, lettuce, cantaloupe, cabbage, tomato, pineapple, and watermelon, to supermarkets and hotels but to also reduce its import bills.

During the opening remarks, the chief of Taiwan Technical Mission, Mario Cheng, mentioned that he will expect more fulfilling results from this project this year. The results will include a refurnish packhouse, a new Agricultural Resource Intelligence System, and a complete agricultural martials distributed system toward targeted farmers.

On 22nd January, the intern, Cheng-Wei Ku, from Taiwan Technical Mission presented results of the consumer research and crops data analysis in front of stakeholders, such as the project team, the purchasing manager from Massy Stores, the extension and communication officers from Ministry of Agriculture, the representative of Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA).

The presentation not only included the primary results of the consumer behavior research in the local chain supermarkets but also mentions crop trading data analysis from 2016 to 2019, which provides for domestic crop consumption and imported crops trading volume on the seven crops. The consumer research showcases the consumer’s attitudes, motivations, and perceptions of local vegetables. The study revealed the increasing preference and importance among today’s consumers to take health/nutritional decisions supporting the local economy factor into consideration. Also, the crop trading data analysis showed the trend of local purchasing and imported quantity in the selected seven crops. All of the attendees expressed their interests and are looking forward to the follow-up motions.

According to Mr. Ku, the local produce could emphasize social appeals, such as supporting the local economy and for farmers to receive the fair return to attract more willingness to buy.

With this research, the project team is enabled to promote local produce and deliver marketing campaigns more precisely. Also, the analysis of crop data will help farmers plans crop production to increase market access for local produce.


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