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Taiwan presents over $3.5 million to help with construction of HRDC

By Office of the Prime Minister

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Prime Minister Kenny Anthony with Ambassador Ray Mou at the cheque presentation.

Prime Minister Kenny Anthony with Ambassador Ray Mou at the cheque presentation.

PRESS RELEASE – The Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) has once again demonstrated that nation’s support for the Government and people of Saint Lucia, with a generous donation for the advancement of various national improvement initiatives.

Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to Saint Lucia, His Excellency Mr. Ray Mou, presented two cheques to Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony. The cheques totalled $3,888,113.57.

An amount of $2,902,583.35 was presented for works towards completion of the Gros Islet Human Resource Development Centre. The proposed Gros Islet HRDC is a two-level structure, which will incorporate an auditorium, conference facilities, a concession area, office space, and a restaurant facility with on-street access.

Prime Minister Anthony welcomed the gesture of support from the Republic of China (Taiwan), noting that the arrival of this performance, conference and meeting space can be transformative for the people of Gros Islet town, suggesting that correct use of the complex can have a profound effect on the culture of the community.

Said Dr. Anthony,

“I expect that it will also add value to the tourism product of the town as it would mean that the town can now infuse the arts more into its vibrant nightlife. It will now have a theatrical space for performances and shows. And so, I urge you to collaborate with agencies like the Cultural Development Foundation to make this a reality.

“Furthermore, it also means that there will be space available in Gros Islet for training of the arts: a place where our young people can practice and rehearse for performances of song, dance and theatre.”

Additionally, an amount of $985,530.22 was presented towards the ongoing completion works for the Vigie Beach Vending Facility. Managed by the National Conservation Authority, the new home for vendors along Vigie beach is expected to be ready for occupancy within the next two to three months. The project was started in July 2014.

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  1. this current slp government has collected more money than any other ruling party in the history of St. lucia, especially with the immediate 15% vat, can someone please show a general improvement in our roads, in our infrastucture, in our health care system, in our legal system, the arrival they're taking credit for in tourism, Lorne for goodness sake stop leaching off Sandals aggressive and exemplary marketing campaign. have you ever seen a St. Lucia Tourist Board advertisment on CNN, ABC or NBC but you would definitely see a Sandals ad. It's high time we get rid of these dinosaurs we call politicians, who get a pension whether they do a good job or not. Electorate don't play with them at election time eh! bon!
    behold the power of your almighty vote!

  2. Right after the 2006 elections, kenny came on the media threatening that he was going to take back the country in six months and then kick the taiwanees out. Look at him today, can't get enough of taiwanees doe. I think st.lucia should be a colony of Taiwan.

  3. All kinda useless buildings nothing bout st Jude smfh

  4. The records show that since 1997 the SLP's system of governance has been to borrow $100 million every year and throw it at projects that benefit the big boys in the SLP and the party at elections.
    So we have millionaire SLPs who were broke ass when they came into government.
    Just in the last 5 years we had a SLP operstive who got $40,000 in medical bills paid and over $100,000 in gratuities plus a fat salary even as unemployment hit 25%.
    The result is nearly $2 billion in national debt and $75 million every year in interest payments.
    Kenny cannot manage a cabaway on the beach in Choiseul as all he thinks about is his political survival.

    In 1997 you could have given Bram Bram $100 million every year to run St Lucia and we would have had more growth than in the SLP years.

  5. picking up scraps of the master's table.
    KDA, weren't you the same peenez that criticised the Taiwanese at every opportunity when you were not PM. You have no pride.

  6. We are not STUPID!! Election time... so you all running to pull all strings to gain political mileage. Not this time around "We Lucians Fed UP... Enough is Enough!!

  7. And Kenny cannot finish st Jude hospital. Awa garcon. Mate must go


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