Taiwan helps Saint Lucia banana farmers gain access to international market

Taiwan helps Saint Lucia banana farmers gain access to international market

(PRESS RELEASE) — The Taiwan Technical Mission (ICDF) on Wednesday last week handed over some 38 pack houses to local banana farmers.

The facilities, which have been under construction during the past month, with funds from the ICDF, is part of a post-Tropical Storm Kirk program designed to ensure that more banana farmers obtain Global GAP certification, thereby gain access to the international banana market.

In a short ceremony held at Troumasse, Micoud to hand over the first 15 of the 38 pack houses to farmers, Mr. Mario Cheng, head of the Taiwan Technical Mission, said his government was pleased to assist the Banana Productivity Project of the Ministry of Agriculture, and by extension local banana farmers, to obtain Global GAP certification. With certification, he said it means that more local farmers can now sell their fruits on the international market. He urged the farmers to continue to produce good quality fruits and apply good agricultural practices at all times.

In attendance at the ceremony was Technical Expert Johnston Wu and staff of the Banana Productivity Improvement Project (BPIP).

Meanwhile, the staff of the BPIP are now equipped to conduct on-the-spot assessment of soils, thanks to the financial support of the ICDF. On Friday the Mission donated some eight soil testing kits and augers to the Banana Productivity Improvement Project.

The supply of these kits means that local banana farmers no longer must send soil samples to a laboratory to determine the nutrient and pH (acidity) status of their soil. The BPIP officers are now equipped to conduct these tests on the farm and relay the results to the farmer immediately.

In accepting the kits from ICDF Chief Mario Cheng, BPIP Project Manager Kerde Severin thanked the Taiwanese government for its contribution, to not only the banana industry, but to the agricultural sector in general.

He assured Mr. Cheng that the kits will be put into good use and will help local farmers improve productivity now that they no longer must wait for long periods of time for results from a lab. It means that corrective measures to address soil deficiencies on farms can now be done swiftly and with haste.


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  1. Alright guys, let us respect each other's remarks and comments, let us build up and not tear down one another here.

    But Compton did not invite anyone to find markets for our bananas, it was easier back then but there is still a huge market out there for a dying world of starvation right now. The English are making high demands but soon they will be coming in droves to purchase our bananas from the tree itself when famine hits them.


  2. I thought the minister was going to get us to ship bananas to Martinique and France. what has become of that?


  3. I don't trust these chinks. Whats their game ? Why do they give a flying about a bunch of fig farmers.


    • The shame of it I am just lost for words how we still need help in this day and age how to grow and market bananas when bananas was the green gold for St Lucia for decades. Bananas from St Lucia was and still is the best I thought we had this down to a science by now all these soil testing kits we should have had in our procession donkey years ago O well just goes to show far we have come with our agriculture sector WE SHOULD BE TEACHING THEM.


      • Exactly, the Winban facility at Roseau is proof of our legacy and advancement. The problem is we do not build on what we have achieved and learned, getting grant aid and other hand outs is much easier than building from the ground up or maintaining a legacy. Once the fame is made and the grant aid gained, we don't care again.


    • They want our vote on the UN to keep China off their tails, that's the only reason they're out spending their tax dollars on us and in the case of our Banana industry wasting their money.

      I say waste because no matter how we try Dole and Chiquita got us cornered, they and Del Monte control close to 80% of banana sales in the world( research Banana Republic Central America). As far as getting our Bananas to Europe one man holds the Keys as Chas and Ez found out when they tried to ship to France, open Mike didn't quite help the situation as he was calling for this man's head prior. Did I mention that it's rumored that this man has connections to those companies?

      Lets see if our Taiwanese friends can help us out with that.


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