Taiwan hands over EC$4.8M to St. Lucia’s Consolidated Fund

Taiwan hands over EC$4.8M to St. Lucia’s Consolidated Fund

The Government of the Republic of China on Taiwan, on Friday, November 30, 2012 made a grant of US$1.8 million or EC$4,838,760 to the Government of Saint Lucia to be used for projects under the Constituency Development Programme.

The contribution will go towards ongoing and new infrastructural projects to be undertaken in all 17 constituencies on the island.

The cheque, which was handed to Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony, by His Excellency James Chang, Ambassador of the Republic of China on Taiwan to Saint Lucia, has been placed in a special account in the Consolidated Fund under the direct supervision of the accountant general.

Prime Minister Anthony offered sincere thanks on behalf of the people of Saint Lucia and gave the assurance that these funds will be used for the intended purpose.  The prime minister commended His Excellency for his conduct and the handling of diplomatic affairs between the two countries.

The decision to uphold the law of the land by ensuring that grant funds be placed in a designated government account for purposes of accountability and transparency was highly noted by Dr. Anthony.

His Excellency James Chang expressed the commitment of his government to strengthening ties with Saint Lucia. He assured the prime minister that the Government of the Republic of China on Taiwan will continue to contribute to the development of the people of Saint Lucia through continued partnership in the Black Sigatoka Eradication Project, the Saint Jude’s Reconstruction Project and the Constituency Development Programme, among others.


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  1. Even if it is in an account in the so called consolidated fund Bobol will still happen. THE SLP THINKS WE ARE FOOLS,WE ARE TO SMART FOR THEIR GAMES, $20,000 100ft DRAINS FOR PARTY HACKS CANNOT FOOL ME


  2. Not so fast. Way back in 2010 when kept insisting that the Taiwan funds go into the consolidated funds, it was the LPM that proposed a small creating a small projects funds to put the Taiwanese money in.

    Kenny can call this new fund by whatever name he wants but give the LPM credit for having suggested this. I remember reading their suggestion in the Voice and at the time I thought it would be a great idea.


  3. The policy of receiving foreign funds, and placing it into accounts where the auditor general would have difficulty ( or accurate) in auditing, was one of policies of the UWP government was suspicious of corruption,and the opposition, was commenting on the Taiwan ambassador was doing this for publicity purposes, bot for himself and the government.

    We St. Lucian's welcome the present government, change of this policy giving us the view that they are anti corruption.
    Anthony Gajadhar


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