Taiwan donates EC$4.7 million to CDP

Taiwan donates EC$4.7 million to CDP

(GIS) – The Republic of China (Taiwan) has once again come to the assistance of Saint Lucia with a disbursement of EC$4.7 million, to be put toward the second phase of the Constituency Development Programme (CDP).

With climate change becoming a global phenomenon that poses a serious threat to the Caribbean, the two governments united to create a Constituency Development Programme with the aim of building sustainable living environments.

Taiwanese Ambassador, His Excellency Douglas Shen, spoke on the importance of the CDP.

“It is imperative to ensure the safety of Saint Lucian people, and that their property with the strength in infrastructure exists, that is why the Government of Taiwan and the Government of Saint Lucia had to work together on the CDP, since the two countries resumed diplomatic ties in 2007. So far, the CDP program has completed over 2000 projects and created more than 20,000 jobs to enhance the infrastructure of various communities all over the island.”

Prime Minster Hon. Allen Chastanet expressed gratitude to Taiwan for its contribution to the development of Saint Lucia.

“One does not have to travel too far or for too long to see the number of communities that have concrete footpaths, drainage and road systems in the rural areas, to see the overall impact of the project. So to say that it has made a significant impact on our economy and the wellbeing of Saint Lucians is in many ways an understatement. There are no words to express our gratitude to the people of the Republic of China, Taiwan who are also facing their own daunting tasks, not only with climate change but also with politics in general and so, it makes this contribution much more meaningful. We should never lose sight of the fact that China, Taiwan could have put this money elsewhere in terms of boosting their economies, but chose to invest this money in Saint Lucia.”

The Prime Minister explained that the monies have already been allocated and the funds will be used to complete ongoing projects. Among the CDP projects are flood mitigation infrastructure, drainage systems, soil stabilization and community access roads.

The cheque presentation for the implementation of the second phase of the 2017 Constituency Development Program was held on Jan. 23, at the Office of the Prime Minister.


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  1. This government is executing at an epic pace. Whoever underestimated Chastanet will have a lot more stupid roro to raise if they have to win another election.


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