Taiwan contributes almost $5 million

Taiwan contributes almost $5 million

12239588_921645854584367_1113084737797799262_nOFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER – The Republic of China (Taiwan) has contributed approximately EC$4.58 million towards three projects.

Of the total sum, EC$2, 016,150 represents the second tranche of funds for the Walcott Place & Grass Street Urban Enhancement Project. This project is currently underway.

The second cheque of EC$2,308,600 will be presented for the construction of the Soufriere Town square.

The third cheque will be in the amount of XCD $257,529.56 for the purchase of laptops for Form Three students under the “One Laptop Per Child” Programme, training of 500 teachers over the next year through the Ministry of Education in collaboration with the Organisation of American States (OAS), and the purchase of ICT equipment for schools.

The cheque presentation is currently underway in the Cabinet Room of the Office of the Prime Minister.


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  1. Those who did not want the other party to collect monies for their pocket are doing the same thing now. What is not good for one is good for another. No voting for me next election. Waste of my vote.




  3. More damn HANDOUTS. With all his so called intellectual pedigree, why the hell can't Kenny Anthony come up with ideas which are
    fruitful and sustainable for our economy? This man is useless and clueless. Worst leader in the caribbean. Every 2 freaking days he's out of state (per diem $$$$$). All these conferences in England, Monaco, etc how have they benefited us? In no way. How have they benefited kenny? In a HUGE f......G way. Look at it from Alva to Jadia to Robert Lewis - just take a look at the lifestyle changes, now take a look at the average Lucian's? This is PLAIN wrong. Ppl need to open their eyes. If it's not Grynberg, it's Jafferli...WAKE UP PPL


  4. What a bunch of idiots and stooges, the biggest of all being Harold Dalson. Now tell me Mr. Dalson, shouldn't that money be going towards improving the health service at the Soufriere Hospital? Isn't the hospital Soufriere's major problem at the moment? Isn't the health of a nation the wealth of a nation? You know Plato was right, "the punishment for not taking part in politics is that you get to be governed by your inferiors."


  5. can someone please tell me what is it those Taiwanese have to gain from saint lucia that each time they just give theses large amounts of money to facilitate some project is it good they good in heart like that or are they reaping something in return we dont know about cause i cant see how somone can just give out money like that for no reason there has t be a reason


    • I am subject to correction, but remember Taiwan broke away from mainland China. It is not part of the UN and as such it might not be viewed as a state and so international recognition as eroded. St.Lucia who is a UN member state has diplomatic relations with Taiwan and because of this relationship it can be a strategic advantage for Taiwan on the international scene. So hence the reason you would see these sort of contributions etc.


    • Simple. It is the money of the tax payers in Taiwan. Part of it will end up in the pockets of Lucian politicians and their friends. The other part will end up in the pockets of the Taiwanese diplomats and their friends. Taiwan is well known for this fraud in many countries.


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