Taiwan assist local farmers with pineapple production

Taiwan assist local farmers with pineapple production

(PRESS RELEASE) – Taiwan Technical Mission and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Physical Planning, natural Resources and Co-operatives of Saint Lucia held the Pineapple Production Workshop in Roseau on November 14th, 2017.

More than 50 farmers and extension officers attended the event to learn new agricultural know-how to increase pineapple production.

Pineapple is a fruit of great economic value. Currently in Saint Lucia, most pineapples are imported – due to insufficient yields from local farms.  At the workshop, Taiwan Technical Mission agriculture expert Mr. Tim Shiau demonstrated methods to facilitate the flowering process of pineapple plants, which will enable the farmers to harvest the fruits just after four months. Mr. Shiau believed that Saint Lucian farmers can benefit greatly from the new technique and produce more pineapples between November and April to meet demands during the Christmas holidays and tourists high season.

The Pineapple Production Workshop is part of the on-going Fruit and Vegetable Demonstration and Extension Project (second phase) in which Taiwan is investing US$750,000. To date, the Project had implemented 600 field technical advisory services, provided 20,000 seedlings, and trained over 2,000 farmers, steadily fulfilling its goal of improving local farmers’ competitiveness and revenue. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2018.



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  1. We need a canning factory with processing that can flip to many other fruits. That should be enabled by combination of the cooperatives. We must go the way of cooperatives on this to be inclusive, just as banana growing once was. Inclusion at several levels is the key to success.

    Just as our coaco is so special that Hersheys uses it to blend with others, our juices may be relabeled by other main companies, with supplier agreements with our cooperatives.

    We are not educating for prosperity. We keep on educating to create workers rather than owners of capital. This is not communistic talk. The sooner we raise our understanding of the myopia of our several convoys of alternative party leaders the sooner.

    You are turned off that this we are not saying that UWP or SLP has the answer. Well, enlightened awareness and not the usual fare of tirades by our simplistic party fellowship is the answer.


  2. The MINISTER had seriously start talking about a cannery. Otherwise, we a nothing of substance in the global food supply and value chain. Let's make sense of our lives and our existence in this country for a change. Dammit! When will we get serious?


  3. Kudos to Taiwan. ST LUCIA should continue to increase their linkage with Taiwan. With agriculture as the first leg as anything can grow In our soil. Follow it up with manufacturing targeting the regional and US markets.
    Taiwan needs friends but we must not just go begging but look to help each other with this economic integration.
    If Taiwan thinks strategically then St Lucia could be a firm consistent friend in this part of the world.


  4. Well they should do it for local consumption because the pineapple monopoly market too big. St Lucia is a good place to grow pineapples and THEY IMPORTING IT choops. Now the Yellow Man that's flying all over the place with his tin cup bragging how he is trying to lure "investors" and to date not one manufactured investor. Why don't he approachThe Dole or Chiquita Company since they are the main players to farm produce, process St Lucian pineapples like they are doing in the Dominican Republic. The farmers get to plant an easy cash crop, there is a processing plant to process the pineapples can or otherwise made in St Lucia Label on another product this would create jobs and stimulate growth. Oh hell no that's too easy.


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