Taiwan ambassador presents BMI scales to Ministry of Health

Taiwan ambassador presents BMI scales to Ministry of Health

PRESS RELEASE – One hundred and twenty four (124) hi-tech Body Mass Index (BMI) scales were handed over by the Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan) James Chang to Minister for Health, Wellness, Human Services and Gender Relations, Alvina Reynolds, on Thursday, July 10.

Ambassador Chang noted that the scales were multi-functional and could produce the index for height, weight and BMI at the same time.

During his address, the ambassador said: “There is a saying, healthy citizens are the greatest asset any county can have. It is my sincere hope that these scales will make a positive contribution to the general public and by fighting overweight together we can further strengthen our mutual relationship between our two countries.”

In accepting the scales, Minister Reynolds said: “Obesity, too much body fat, weighing too much, is an issue which is creeping into our schools now, into our young persons, among women, among men and at all ages, and this is something we must work on and fight right now. We cannot afford to let it spill out of control.”

Minister Reynolds also indicated that the ministry will soon announce a national weight-loss competition among health regions, schools and business places with the full participation of the Cabinet of Ministers.

The presentation ceremony took place in the lecture room of the St. Lucia National Mental Wellness Centre.


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