T&T: 14-year-old sleeping in a ‘pen’; authorities take action

T&T: 14-year-old sleeping in a ‘pen’; authorities take action
Part of the room where a 14 year old boy is being forced to sleep PHOTO BY: ANSEL JEBODH
Part of the room where a 14 year old boy is being forced to sleep PHOTO BY: ANSEL JEBODH

(T&t NEWS DAY) – The Children’s Authority of Trinidad and Tobago has removed the special needs teenager who was being abused from his Tabaquite home.

The boy’s plight was highlighted on social media yesterday by concerned neighbours who said he had been abused, both physically and verbally for the past six months.

Newsday tracked down the boy to his parents home in Tabaquite, where his mother admitted that, in a fit of rage, she used a knife to discipline her son, slashing the 14-year-old across the wrist.

The woman said she could not recall what led her to punish the child in that manner.

The Children’s Authority in a media release today said its Emergency Response Team was dispatched to locate the child and that he is now in their care. It nevertheless warned the public to refrain from sharing posts that reveal children’s faces and identities via the internet, saying this can cause further trauma to the child.

The Authority advises that all videos regarding child protection concerns should be sent to [email protected], [email protected] or reported to their hotlines at 996 or 800-2014.

EARLIER REPORT: 14-year-old sleeping in a ‘pen’

Fed up of inaction by police and the Children’s Authority, a Tableland woman took to social media on Wednesday to seek help for her 14-year-old neighbor.

The good samaritan told the Newsday she felt compelled to share the boy’s plight with the public, as for the past three months, he has been made to sleep in the downstairs area of his mother’s home, next to a room that houses livestock.

She said the boy has special need, is epileptic and suffers from seizures, yet is beaten and cursed daily. The child stayed at her side while she spoke and smiled even as he showed a cut on his wrist, which she said he received as punishment.

She is appealing to the Children’s Authority to remove the child from the home immediately.

“The Children’s Authority came here twice and both times they warned the mother, but nothing has been done to stop the abuse,” said the neighbour.”He is beaten, cursed, mistreated in every way, they doesn’t give him food. Most of the times, he walks through the village and people give him food and snacks.”

The boy has never been to primary school and cannot read nor write. He has trouble speaking and the neighbour said in the six months she has known him, he has not display edany emotions.

“He will bawl when they beating him, but most of the times he is smiling like nothing is happening.”


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