Syrian national gunned down in Jacmel was “my loyal customer”

Syrian national gunned down in Jacmel was “my loyal customer”

(SNO) – A Syrian national who was gunned down in Jacmel Monday afternoon has been described as a loyal customer.

Reports are that the foreign national, whose name has not been disclosed, was selling items from a vehicle when he was shot.

The incident occurred around 2 p.m.

Videos of the aftermath of the shooting has appeared on Facebook and other social media.

In one of the videos, it shows the businessman lying next to a vehicle and police officers cordoning off the scene with yellow tape.

“When will this end ???…….he was my loyal customer always on his hustle,” one person wrote on social media.

Another said: “He is the Syrian that sells cigarettes in the area.”

One person wrote that the businessman was one of the “nicest” Syrians in the city.

“I can’t believe this!!!! I was sure to get a discount on any time in his store. He was one of the nicest Syrians in the city. A couple of months ago when I went to the store to purchase a pair of shoes etc. we spoke about how different the children are nowadays.”


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  1. I strongly beleive Mr coco should be investigated for Soheil,s killing
    By your comments the law authorities she be able to determin wether you killed Soheil and why did you killed him,also investigate you to see why were you in a conflict with soheil even after he died.


  2. Reading some of the negative statements on here just breaks my heart. some Lucians have no gratitude. Syrians are among the nicest people ( at least those who've lived in St. Lucia forever). they made it possible to bring St. lucia out of the dump and employ so many young uneducated youngsters....I'm tired go read about ADAM and Eve boutique, Mayans,Chreiki and Sons and others.....Oh boy forgot theirs no recording of history in st. lucia.


    • Truth I wish our young people had the attitude of the Syrians. Hard working, hassling to make a dollar to feed their families and not waiting for an opportunity to steal from others. Our St. Lucian people cannot co-operate with each other. It is always a fight down. If we were Christians like the Syrians we would be able to open a business and employ all our families and friends but we only want for ourselves; we don't want others to have anything. Lucian like to criticize foreigners but like to go to other countries for survival.
      It is a shame to see some of the things St. Lucian write on social media. My parents were so grateful when Jabra used to come up to the south because they couldn't leave their farms to go Castries to shop. Whether it was Material, appliances, clocks, glassware, shoes you name it Jabra would bring it up from Castries for them. It saved them a days work on their farm.
      Lucian in stead of writing nonsense on social media be like the Syrians, Care for your Children, work hard, be a hustler, stop going to their stores to shop lift. Have some more pride in yourselves. Put your knees down to pray,all of us are human beings. Every rope has an end, God knows and sees all things. Those of you who enjoy killing people for no reason your day will come!!!


  3. How is it this syrian pos is in the country selling selling cigs out of a van ? How many more of them are here illegally. Round them up and deport back to their islamic craphole. They are pure garbage.


    • That’s such an ignorant comment. First of all the Syrians in Saint Lucia are Christians. Second they are the nicest people you will ever know.where does all that hate come from. Maybe they should deport you back to your roots and teach you something


    • you such an ignorant asshole i hate people that know absolutely nothing about people and talking shit like their mouth is a damn toilet. at least the man doing something .DONT HATE THE HUSTLE, how many of yall that would even go an sell cigarettes and what ever in a van?


    • Thats the same garbage which the politicians taught you that there is a distinction between those who are "born lucians" and others. So you see they will make you enemies among among yourself just for a vote. These are the same politicians who invite Chinese to open up food stalls to compete with you. Same politicians who allowed Guyanese to get citizenship. I am not against people getting citizenship but we cannot be like Trump and discriminate against some because it fits our political agenda. We cannot argue a case for Chinese while we discriminate against Nepalese. Same way we cannot open up for Guyanese while we spit upon Syrians (who in fact are Lebanese who fled their country in the 1950's because of Syrians). So who is dumb not even knowing where the people are from?

      It just shows how dumb and ignorant these parties and their leaders and by extension YOU are. Shut up go back to school and learn your history. Idiot.


    • I think the investigation have to start with this ignorant sorry excuse of a human being called mr coco. Such a disgrace to st Lucia.


    • I strongly beleive Mr coco should be investigated for Soheil,s killing
      By your comments the law authorities she be able to determin wether you killed Soheil and why did you killed him,also investigate you to see why were you in a conflict with soheil even after he died.


    • Do you know how many of our own people are hustling illegally in foreign countries to provide for their families....its call survival bro he' s harming no one. He offers goods people buy it.


    • This person you are disrespecting is my family. He was more man than you and your whole family will ever be you piece of --. I will be in your little island looking for -- like you to show you who Syrians are and I will hunt the son of -- that killed him until I die.


  4. At what point the situation becomes too much? Saying it's safe, when it's not, means that no action is required. How can a tiny minority negatively impact a vast majority?

    My smpathy to all who will die because of gross incompetence.


  5. Oh well another one bites the dust Everything is good home everything is just great we don't have a problem. I feel bad for the Syrian he was a hustler AND I RESPECT THAT a year from now they would pool their resources together and open a store on Clark Street building their wealth on our backs all we do is fight over politicians who would rather sit down and drink tea with them over us. Every other nationality come here and make something of themselves on the backs of black folks we cant use our economic leverage to benefit ourselves they see it but we don't see it


    • That comment is heartless if u are goin to start with " another one bites the dust" for your information if we don't fight each other down and stick together there would b no room/ space for any other race to domonate, any Way this man was a man of his word and a HUSTLER he went out to provide for his family so to start that comment with such u need to apologise .....


      • Well is it not "heartless" for the many month weeks days minutes and seconds that the shadow PM has not address crime to date ? Everything is good here at home we don't have a problem everything is just fine the tourist are safe hey don't hate the messenger hate the message that what Francis said so O well ! If you are St Lucian of a certain age then you will know the history of the Syrians in St Lucia ask an elder they use to come around on bikes with suit cases and in car trunks selling their wares from exercise books to car parts to house wares before you know it you don't see them no more they open a store in town and they bring in the rest of the family and continue the cycle. They can touch local women but locals cant touch Syrian women. BIG UP Pushka I remember when you use to sell me brakes for my sketel and fruit of the looms vest from back of your car back in the days when I use to run taxi they only use to last a month now you open your store on Clark Street and another branch in Castries now nobody cant talk to you I appreciate the love still whenever you see me.


  6. Is this how Chastanet making us safe? Dominic Fedee you are the rep for jacmel say something about safety, by the way don't tell the nation lies.


    • shut your hole .yall always asking the government to say or do something, haven't yall noticed they are human to and cant control crime as much as they want begins with us when we start having children to bring them up right and not just leaving them on the streets and when people try to correct yall.
      yall always there to talk some shit. its people like you when the police start doing their job and coming for the criminals yall will say police brutality and all kind of shit. but when criminals come back on the loose yall want to cry and blame government. Fedee dont have to come and say nothing and he dont owe you nothing cause that wont solve the problem.


    • Oh so you still waiting for Chastanet to make you safe? Like you still waiting for the 100 million Kenny promised. Why don't you stupid asses give up, give us a campaign break. It is now for us to solve real issues. If you want to make campaign rhetoric define your life then its up to you. But stop insulting our intelligence. The government cannot stop crime even they had to put every person in jail. What is needed is for people to support the police in solving crime and getting rid of the police who support crime. Don't take care of your family, children and neighbors and leave them for the government. Thats how politicians have taught us. A dependency syndrome which leads to a dysfunctional society.


  7. It breaks my heart to see that some of the most nicest people on planet earth (Caribbean People) just getting use to the dark.
    We're no longer proud strong and free, no longer courteous considerate and caring because we're West Indians, we're cold, heartless, wicked and vile, and as a young person this hurt me to my core.
    My great grandmother told me at the age of (5) five , that one mothers cry is all mother's cry.
    We're not praying to change hearts we're just getting use to the dark and that in itself is sad.


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