SVG PM says LIAT must do better

SVG PM says LIAT must do better
Dr. Ralph Gonsalves
Dr. Ralph Gonsalves
Dr. Ralph Gonsalves

BARBADOS TODAY – St Vincent and the Grenadines prime minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves is blaming current inefficiencies plaguing LIAT on the airline’s failure to implement a decision to shift its base from Antigua and Barbuda.

Shareholder governments decided in February 2015 that Barbados would house four of the airline’s new ATR aircraft, becoming the main fleet base, while two planes would remain in Antigua and the other two would be based in Trinidad.

Gonsalves said at the time the decision was merely the better financial option for LIAT.

This week the Ministry of Civil Aviation in Kingstown added its voice to the chorus of complaints about poor service from the beleaguered regional carrier, and today, Gonsalves did not mince words when he spoke with Barbados TODAY on the way forward for LIAT.

“Good changes have been made but some changes have been slower than others and that is reality. The decision to shift the base has not been rescinded but the management has not carried out the decision and I would like find out why,” the outspoken Vincentian leader said immediately after his participation in today’s symposium on Brexit at the Walcott Warner Theatre of the University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus.



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  1. LIAT will not deliver to the islands until the Antigua Government releases its ugly and tight fisted hold on the company!!!!!!!!


  2. LIAT's C-suite's lack of experience with "change management" and the "management of change" is glaringly obvious. But the company is looking myopically at just one aspect of its cost structure.

    LIAT must salvage reusable assets in a winding down process, rename and restructure the company and cut its huge overhead expenditure associated with its uncompetitive compensation and benefits structure. Nobody mentions or even looks at this 10,000 pound gorilla in the room.


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