SVG opposition leader disappointed with court ruling in Gibson-Marks’ case

SVG opposition leader disappointed with court ruling in Gibson-Marks’ case
SVG Opposition leader Arnhim Eustace. Below: Tamara Gibson-Marks (left) with her lawyer Alberton R
SVG Opposition leader Arnhim Eustace. Below: Tamara Gibson-Marks (left) with her lawyer Alberton Richelieu. * Photo credit: The Vincentian

St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace has expressed disappointment with a recent court ruling involving St. Lucian born Attorney-at-Law Tamara Gibson-Marks, who is accused of stealing and abusing her office as registrar of the High Court of SVG.

I-Witness News said Eustace described the penalty handed down to Gibson-Marks as “scandalous”. He made this statement on a radio programme yesterday.

Gibson-Marks was fined EC$10,500 after pleading guilty to a charge of theft of EC$21,925 and abuse of her authority as registrar of the High Court.

Magistrate Carla James last Tuesday fined Gibson-Marks EC$4,500 to be paid in one month or three months imprisonment on the theft charge. On the abuse of authority charge, Gibson-Marks was ordered to pay EC$6,000 in three months or spend six months in jail.

Eustace was quoted as saying, “I think the whole issue of the registrar has left a very bitter taste in the mouth of Vincentians and in the minds of many Vincentians.”

The SVG politician said “people believe we have two systems of justice: one for those who we figure are important, another one for those who we figure are poor and unimportant”.

“This decision of the court, even the charges that were laid, to my mind are lacking, and the decision taken, as far as that is concerned, for me is scandalous,” Eustace said.

Eustace is also of the opinion that the outcome of the case “sends a very wrong message to the population of SVG, and it sends a wrong message to the young people of SVG, who, for crimes of much lesser importance and gravity, we find many of our youngsters in jail.”

The SVG opposition leader made it clear that the message from this particular issue “is not a good one at all. And it will have repercussions further down the road.”

He said people are going to point to decisions like these and question the role of the court.

“It lessens the court in people’s eyes, because they expect justice and they don’t see this as justice, because lesser crimes have taken place with more severe punishment.”

Eustace said this action should not be tolerated in SVG. “We can’t have two sets of rules, or what it seems like to the general public that people are being threated differently because of their status in society. We can’t have that.”

“We don’t want our people to grow up thinking that is what we are doing, but that is what it appears to be. And in fact, that is what it is. And while we talk about crime and so on in our society and so forth, and what we need to do about this issue here, people put their hands up in the air. Where are we going?” Eustace said.

Gibson-Marks was asked to resign in May, and an investigation was later launched into her conduct as registrar of the High Court. She had pleaded not guilty to all three charges when she initially appeared in court on Aug. 21. Gibson-Marks was also accused of attempting to flee the island.

Gibson-Marks had repaid over $300,000 that had been withdrawn from an account she held in trust at the St. Vincent Cooperative Bank. She was not charged in relation to the EC$300,000.

SVG’s Director of Public Prosecutions, Colin Williams, discontinued a false certification charge against Gibson-Marks after she pleaded guilty two weeks ago to the theft and abuse of power charge.

Ahead of the sentencing last week, defence attorney Alberton Richelieu submitted to the court documents providing that Gibson-Marks had repaid a total of EC$21,925.

Gibson-Marks is married to Vincentian lawyer, former Unity Labour Party senator, Ronald Marks.


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  1. leave the girl alone. Are you without sin? Cast the stone and see what will happen to you. Caribbean people. Bunch of hypocrites. Are you serious. When your fellow black man/woman moustache catch a fire, look for water, look for water to put yours out. If you don't know what that means, I will tell you. When you see someone in trouble don't get on your mighty high horse and behave like you perfect, temper yourself and be compassionate so when your ass get caught in wrong doing you don't get egg in your face. It is a basic rule in life. Be careful what you post because tomorrow it may be you, true or not.


  2. read this
    Review of Financial Operations of Town, Village and Rural Councils -

    report dated 5th Sept. 2013
    todate i have head nothing.
    any arrested?
    any on remand?
    any on bail?


    • there are so many thieves running around loose, and some of them operate businesses such as accounting and taxation,whom the government know they are thieves,their names appear in these reports, just imagine how much cocomackakry they doing with these accounts and tax returns.....its a sad state of affairs in fair Helen, we are plagued with borbolist, and it is not good for our reputation as a country. Sends a bad signal people!


  3. Look at Borderlais how many embezzlers do you see there?

    Over the years all dem dat teef from the bank are yet to make to it jail. If they catch a youth with ONE joint he in jail so long he gets forgotten.

    There are 3 rules in justice.
    1 rule fir those that have money (doh matter where dem get it)
    1 rule for those that have no money.
    1 rule for Politicians.


  4. I am a magistrate and I agree with the sentence with the following caveats and I say this without having heard Counsels submissions 1) she would have been remanded from the day she changed her plea to guilty to the day of sentence 2) the fine would be forthwith. What you have to remember that Magistrates are creatures of statue and bound by what the law says. In addition to that there are sentencing guidelines see R vs Desmond Baptise where the former Chief Justice Sir Dennis Byron set out what a sentencer was to consider in addition to looking at the mitigating and aggravating features if the particular case


  5. Send her to jail yyyyyy.....just to satisfy those who envy her lifestyle.....yes she had to set example but bear in mind she is a human being to, she has to deal with temptation too! And! She accepted that she did wrong and pleaded guilty.....Tamara my advise to u just don't let it happen again.....I know u wyd get a favorable judge cause u had one of the best Lucian lawyers.....


  6. Such a disappointing judgement. It sends off the wrong message and is a mere slap on the wrists for Tamara!


  7. Co-sign the Vincentian opposition leader's position. This lying thieving woman should have been given hard jail time. She is just another common crook. The only difference is that she is a lawyer and was in a position of trust. Because of her profession and station she should have a heftier sentence for betraying the trust of the public. Many lawyers are no better than ordinary thieves who breaks into someone's house in the dead of night. Justice was not served here. Is she connected to the ruling party in St. Vincent? If so that may be a clue as why she got a slap on the wrist for a serious crime.


  8. Ring de bell.... Come & ring de bell... Who ain't asnNe going to hell......

    I never see more mess I never hear more mess & shamefulness


  9. I said it already, and it is again expressed by the leader of the opposition in st.vincent.
    The justice system works only when it has to.
    Poor Jab the poor


  10. Awa awa, for us St. Lucians, we quick to judge and lambase her. If night should turn to day a lot of people would run away. So much borbol, some of our politicians into. You all ass shut tight but you want to crucify Tamara. Those without sins cast the first stone. Daban hipokwit


  11. Here's to all y'all..she did not steal the money, she only borrowed it. My guess is, she was trying the Vincy lawmakers to see if they were paying any attention to the coffer - but, poor jab she was wrong!
    On a more serious note, I hope she take some time to really reflect on her actions, and do some deep self evaluation. Of course, we have all done wrong, but, for her to take it to that extent is beyond unconscionable. She must focus on her recovery now, and how she goes about doing it will surely determine the overall weight of her conscience. Be humble, and seek the Lord - He will see you though.


  12. All of you'll full of shut because she is not the first one who have embrassed sweet Helen of the West Indies St. Lucia that's the NORM in this country


  13. Where is her husband....I don't hear or see him. Woyyy he was enjoying the money too.........salop woyyy


  14. Last week, people were praising SVG judicial system for punishing Karma for tiefing. Let them say that to Vincies.They must read. For three months all the details were in the public domain, even conversations with Gonsalves,himself, confirming the $300000.Did they not figure out the behind d scenes manourves to ensure that Karma would not make jail but instead a light fine would give the appearance of something being done. My friends Karma got away with murder in the first degree. The magistrate should resign in shame. After mid. Ting tief the Chief Justice funds from the Supreme Court Account at d Coop Bank on top of that u still allow her to profit in the transaction.


  15. I remember a comment someone posted on a related thread about this case that read, "She will still be better off than all of you in the morning." I wanted to respond but I would have ended being too disrespectful. So i'll say my piece now.

    At what cost and in what context will this person be better off than me???

    I grew up around these people, watching as they made fun of those who didn't sport the designer clothing they did, or those whose parents didn’t own houses and vehicles as luxurious as theirs or those whose passports weren't stamped as many times as theirs.

    I mean I used to see these girls literally bring their passports to school after school vacation to show where they had gone, smh. I don't drive a hundred and something thousand dollar vehicle or whatever they got, my tiny apartment may fit in their home a million times but I am satisfied and thankful I have a roof over my head.

    And when night comes I can lay my head down peacefully, not having to worry about what my next scam will be to keep up appearances. Of course there are those now who still defend this person, talking about we have all stole, honey, office stationery is hardly comparable to $300,000, especially when you greedy ass really don't need it.

    She was allegedly stealing to maintain the glutinous lifestyle that the wannabes who are still defending her hope to be part of.

    So to the comment or wherever u are who said she will be better off than the rest of us, I say to you the same thing I thought to myself when they were busy looking down on the 'rest of us'....

    While I am not wealthy in the materialistic sense, I am am richer than she will ever be. I have made mistakes but my conscience is CLEAR. When I go to bed, I really do sleep, I don't need to plot and scheme to determine who I will be tomorrow. I am blessed and content, greed is like a cancer, it spreads, until it devours it's host. I am happy with the little that I have and willing to work to earn the extra that I want. I leave u with this, "I ain't got no worries, I ain't got no stress!"


  16. We can talk all we want...that girl stealing all the Vincies money and then she going and live large in St. Lucia. One of her lawyer friends will give her a job...she will join the others there that stealing clients money.


  17. she is a clepto, she has been doing petty thieving for a long time, borrow money from friends, don't pay back, and in the meantime living the high life. How do they expect he to correct her cleptomaniac ways if she gets away scotch free, she will go onto bigger theft, karma is a bastard......lets watch the space for her cleptoism.
    Just saying!!!


  18. Any one ever wondered why Tamara Marks was charged the small amount and the hearing arranged for the magistrate court presided by a young lady instead of the regular high court ?.The serious criminal offences of fraudulent conversion of trust property and embezzlement were not proferred.There would obviously be serious consequences in high a court trial.
    To end, here are the main players in the dog and pony show. Both Tamara
    Husband. Ronnie Marks and DPP, Colin Williams are UlP party faithfuls and both shared Ralph law offices. They both were appointed senators by Gon salves. The AG failed to arrange an arrest. She only demanded resignation and moved for disbarment. If the allegations were that serious why no arrest was arranged? Vincentians although they done know the Vibes are livid and asking serious questions
    Over to u Andy George ,Veronica and Timothy ' chicken' Pole on.
    Andy and Veronica must go on their program and explain for the benefit of the Lucian public, what is fraud, embezzlement, choice for hearing cases and what are the EC Supreme Court or Chief Justice guides on sentencing yopolicy. Would this lady be permitted to practice law in St Lucia after tiefing the court's alternative mediation,the property of the EC Supreme Court of which the CJ is head?


  19. She's even a bigger thief than we thought. She quickly cover her track in the $300,000 by paying it back. Oh Tamara shame on you. Mr Eustace thanks for speaking the truth and make sure when the poor people of SVG get in any embezzlement like that thief from St.Lucia you stand up say no let Justice prevail what's good for the goose is good for the gander. To the Migastrate shame on you the people of St.Vincent voice your opinion let it be heard thanks.


  20. All of you pointing fingers. None of you'll never steal? The point is she was caught and now she is paying for it. Too bad most of us were not born with a silver spoon in our mouth. Tamara is now marked as a thief isn't that enough for you people. Knowing the judgmental set of people we are when we see her we have to turn our nose. All that fine will be enough for her. The petty thieves are in jail. Cuz they keep on repeating their nasty habits. Tamara has a society to deal with. Do we know the type of law SVG has. Look go ahead and citizen my statement because you have never stolen a cent. She was caught . But you are still out there. Stealing from the company that paying you,it may be some bleach,or steak or rice or even stationery if you working at an office. STOP JUDGING!



      She already been judged and found guilty !!

      People are just commenting. Let people express their opinion and SHUT THE HELL UP IDIOT !!