SVG native arrested in UK for smuggling drugs from St. Lucia

SVG native arrested in UK for smuggling drugs from St. Lucia

2016-08-19 08_29_44-Man admits attempting to smuggle £100k of cocaine into Gatwick Airport _ CrawleyCRAWLEY NEWS – A man has admitted attempting to smuggle around 2.4kg of cocaine into the country after being stopped at Gatwick Airport.

Border Force officers arrested the man after they discovered bags containing about £100,000 worth of the Class A drug had been sewn into the lining of a suit carrier.

Bastien Corris Steve Dember, 24, from Union Island in St Vincent and The Grenadines was arrested after he arrived at Gatwick on a flight from St Lucia on August 8.

Dember appeared at Croydon Magistrates Court on August 9 and pleaded guilty to a charge of importing Class A drugs and was remanded in custody until September 12 when he will be sentenced at Croydon Crown Court.

Border Force South regional director, Sue Young, said: “Border Force officers play a crucial role in securing our borders against drug smuggling. In this case, their professionalism has meant that dangerous Class A drugs have been seized and will no longer end up in our communities where they can do so much harm.



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  1. The baggage may not have been checked in st lucia if it was a connecting flight. Unless this was hand held luggage. awe do not have the whole story. Anyway this had to be a lapse in security, or corruption in St Vincent.


  2. What does this say about the state of our security/screening system in place at our airports with these constant drug bust incidents originating from St. Lucia? Even worse, a lot of these drug mules are not St. Lucian's. I know this might be a challenge, but I think the government needs to re-evaluate and refine their screening process, also review/tweak the training of security officers at airports in order to deal with these most damaging and embarrassing situations more effectively. These constant bust I'm afraid will only eventually result in making life more difficult for law abiding citizens who wishes to travel abroad, especially in these countries making these drug bust originating form our island.


  3. very stupid comment. is st.lucia the only country where drugs are dealt with. vincentians do drugs to .


    • Um but to me he came from St. Vincent which does not have an international airport so he had to connect in St. Lucia which means that he came from St. Vincent with the drugs. So the "Lucian connection" as you so adequately put it is called "in transit" and may have lasted for about say a few hours at most. So this one is not ours.....


    • disagree with me all you want but the facts speak for themselves,stick your head in the sand and see which other country will start requiring a visa to go there.

      O,and i don't care about other countries problems i just care about st.lucia and its image.


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