‘Suspicious’ egg with someone’s name on it found in Black Bay

By SNO Staff

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(SNO) – An egg with writings visible on its surface was discovered in the south of the island Monday afternoon, July 16, and persons believe this is the result of witchcraft or obeah.

A resident alerted our newsroom with a brief video footage and photos of the discovery on the Black Bay beach. She said her video recording was cut short when her battery power “died”.

See  video

The woman being heard in the video told our newsroom that persons on the beach are saying the three words on the egg are actually the nickname of a male resident from the Laborie area. One of the words is hardly visible.

She said the egg is not definitely fake because it was cracked and not broken.

She said no one believes the ‘suspicious’ egg is a hoax. They believe it is actually an act of evil.

Asked what was done with the egg, the woman said she never touched the egg, and she left shortly after its discovery because she did not feel well hanging around things like that.

The woman said she notified us of the finding so that “at least people know what to do about it”.

Is it possible your name is currently on a [chicken] egg somewhere at the bottom of a river or the ocean?

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  1. Don't be deceived

    The devil rejoices to see people perceive him as what he is not. The biggest form of evil that exists is disobedience to the commandments of god.not an egg with someone name on it anybody can do that to scare the heck outta anyone, don't be deceived, I use to shit like this to people that believe in that deception and I eh know shit about gaje' and have them going mad.

  2. Growing up I heard people would put the names of their children/grandchildren on the eggs and put them to hatch. If it is successful, then the child wh o se name was on the egg will own that chucken

  3. The river drag down that egg I was there yesterday the sea was on low tide so the river was flowing hard down into the sea hence y the egg got down there

  4. In this day and age we still have so many Superstitious, stupid people in St Lucia.

  5. This is a DINOSAUR egg...the crack shows that its about to hatch...wow...just amazing...Jurassic park, in St.Lucia. the writing are from a caveman or woman, this part we will never know.

  6. St.lucian believe in a lot of witchcraft, because they are a very jealous kind of person and very envious kind of people,please do not delete my message thanks.

  7. This is fantastic that people are still superstitious in St Lucia in this day and age of knowledge.

  8. Only people who believes in evil will think it's witchcraft. I can take anything and write my name or someone else's name on it and place it anywhere and I don't have no evil in mind. Just recently I picked up a smooth river stone and write my son name and my be on it. When it's "Fall" I pick up beautiful leaves and write down names on them and I don't mean no evil. If you think evil, evil will follow you

    • you just weird bro

    • Chance someone can kill you with a simple thing like that. So who in their right man will write their name on a egg and put it by the river. This is not the first incident ppl reporting live obeah in st. Lucia. Example the frog they got in front the court house that's a good example. Come on bro, the person lucky they can do something about it. Look recent the picture of a man in a two bottles found the same this egg was gound

    • Chance something like DAT never happen to u
      And u believe its not evil. Dem not getting no reward. No obeah worker get no reward. Put my that in god.

  9. Lucia ful of witch craft am not supprised

  10. JAH. Rules !

  11. Bull. I believe in one God. Nothing else. An egg is just a damn egg. Good and evil dwell among us.


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