Suspended Castries secondary school teacher takes legal action

Suspended Castries secondary school teacher takes legal action
Attorney Leevie Herelle
Attorney Leevie Herelle

(SNO) — A teacher from a Castries secondary school who was suspended by the Teaching Service Commission has taken legal action, asking that the decision be reversed.

Her attorney, Leevie Herelle, said the commission has never given the reason for its action.

He told Choice News that the commission was written to since they did not know what the allegations were for the suspension.

“The teacher was not informed what these were and that concerns us enormously,” he stated.

Herelle said that he hopes the commission respond “in short order” and retract the suspension.

The attorney pointed out that he is prepared to take the matter further, if the commission does not bow to the request.

“We have every intention to seek justice for the teacher and to ensure that at the end of the day, she receives her justice,” he said.

When asked about the commission’s silence in the past on such matters, the attorney pointed out that the powers that were invested in the commission was not “for its own intrinsic self” and when it is called to account, “it must account”.


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  1. Yes WOW and anonymos. I believe its this same lawyer. But its telling of two thing if he is ready to fight for the teacher.
    1. That lawyer will fight on either side of the fence to ensure justice, or maybe to just make their living.
    2. That perhaps this teacher is unjustly treated that even he(as you state he isnt so fond of teacher) is willing to defend this teacher. It means there is merit and its laudable.

    This is an important case to ascertain that powers entrusted in organisations like the TSC arent overly used without proper accountability.
    Due process at best must prevail, or even shown to prevail...this seems quite absent here if no reason is givnen for the action.


  2. I remember Herelle saying on a talk show that there should not be teacher appreciation day because teachers don't work hard


  3. Wait a minute. is that the same lawyer who some years ago had the worse things to say about St. Lucian Teachers? Is that the same lawyer who as Chairman of SMC's Board created all the problems at the school till he had forcefully to resign?

    The main point of the article is that he has taken legal action by asking the Commission to change its decision. LMAO


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